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I was planning on having something to say for a Week in Gaming article last week, but my copy of Unicorn Overlord came late. I was quite annoyed I pre-ordered in advance with 1-day shipping which should’ve shown up on release day, but I had to wait until last Monday to finally get my copy. Anyway, after the game came I finally went and spent the full amount of time allowed in the demo, before transferring my progress and continuing on in the full game. I think my game clock says I’ve spent around 20 hours or so total, playing Unicorn Overlord. I cleared out most of the early game Cornia battles and built up my army. There are a few leftover battles there still which I’ve been periodically going through and a couple much higher leveled ones I can’t touch until later game.

Unicorn Overlord | Drakenhold

But now I’m just trying to grind to start getting further into Drakenhold. I decided it made more sense to go there first than straight to Elheim. Elheim, story wise at least, sounded like it continues the main story. Drakenhold sounded more like a good preparation detour, so that’s what I went with. I’m really glad I went there and picked up Virginia. Her little party I put together absolutely destroys enemies. I’ve got her paired with her Drakenhold Swordfighter friend, one of the Warrior class girls and I believe I put a healer of some kind on her team as well. I’ve got a couple units that have worked out really nicely. In the early game, I found I relied on Josef a lot, being that he’s higher leveled. But now I’m finding I’ve got even better units put together and don’t need to rely as heavily on him. I’ve barely gotten into Drakenhold yet, I went back to leftover Cornia battles for grinding, but I think I’ll be ready soon to get further.

Unicorn Overlord | Alain's Unit

I’m enjoying Unicorn Overlord quite a bit so far. I am realizing however, that I need mini breaks during SRPGs more often than other games. Nonetheless, overall I’m having fun with the game. It’s a nice change having an SRPG with an actual overworld map to explore. I don’t know if any SRPG has done it before because obviously, I haven’t played every strategy RPG that exists. But it’s my first time playing one set-up like this. It’s nice being able to explore and collect stuff, not simply go straight from story, to a battle stage and then back to another story bit. It did take some getting used to the battle system at first though. I had a hard time in the demo trying to get multiple parties to move at once. The demo insists on teaching you how to, but I find I don’t even use it anymore since I like to check on my individual units and send a lot of them after different enemies or to alternate spots. I also turned on the setting to automatically pause at the start of battles so I can look around and plan things out, and have thus left it like that ever since. I’m looking forward to getting further, seeing where the story goes, exploring new places and getting to know some of the characters better. – Jenae


I spent most of this week playing Unicorn Overlord, and I’m pretty much addicted to it at this point. The story is your typical prince escapes a hostile takeover of his lands, but there are plenty of plot twists along the way to keep it fresh. Characters get a lot of development as you play through the story, so whenever I get a new companion its great getting to know more about them.

You expect great artwork from any Vanillaware title and Unicorn Overlord delivers. Every character has a ton of details and each area looks as good as any top tier fantasy movie you will ever watch. The gameplay is great as well with a mix of unit positioning, formation balance and skills. I love finding new ways to take on each different obstacle I have encountered. – Steve

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