Blue Archive The Animation | Hoshino

A short new promotional video (PV) for Blue Archive The Animation has been released. This time, the PV focuses on Abydos Highschool 3rd year and President of the Foreclosure Task Force, Takanashi Hoshino (CV. Yumiri Hanamori).

You can check out Hoshino in all her sleepy glory below.


The previous short PV released focused on Abydos Highschool 2nd year, Sunaookami Shiroko (CV. Yui Ogura). In case you missed it, you can check that out below.


Blue Archive The Animation is produced by Yostar Pictures and studio CANDYBOX. It is an anime adaptation of the South Korea-developed mobile game, Blue Archive, and is scheduled to air in April 2024. The mobile game first launched in Japan in February 2021, followed by a global release in November 2021. The game was later released in China in August 2023. Nexon published the global version while Yostar published the Japanese and Chinese versions.

For more information on the upcoming anime, you can follow check out its official website and follow its official X account.

SOURCE: BA The Animation X Account

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