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Stellar Blade is launching in a couple months. While we await the game’s release, more information on the title has started trickling in. Based on the game’s recent State of Play trailer, we know that game will most definitely have an English dub. However, what about those who prefer to play in other languages?

During an interview with Push Square, the game’s director, Hyung Tae Kim, was asked about Stellar Blade‘s language options. Hyung Tae Kim had stellar news on that front, saying that the game would support 22 different languages, and there would also be 9 voiceover dubs! While all of the voiceover options weren’t announced, Hyung Tae Kim did confirm the game would support English, Korean, and Japanese voices. These specific voiceover options will also be fully lip-synched, which is great news. Unfortunately for those that love listening to Japanese voiceovers, this dub will only be available in the game’s Japanese version, due to contract restrictions. The Korean voices will, however, be available worldwide, so that is an alternative for those who aren’t a fan of what they heard of the English dub.

You can check out the excerpts from Push Square of Hyung Tae Kim talking about the language options below.

“The game offers a total of 22 different languages, and nine voiceover dubbings,” he told us. “The user can freely select from these options. But we do have to tell you that the Japanese voices will only be available in Japan. The Japanese text will be available, but it’s the voiceover that won’t be. This is due to the voice actors, as they’ll only be available in the Japanese region.”

“English, Japanese, and Korean all have lip-synced animations, so the users will get to experience more natural voiceovers,” he said.

Stellar Blade launches exclusively on PlayStation 5 worldwide on April 26, 2024. You can check out its official website and follow its official X account for more information.

SOURCE: Push Square

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