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During day 1 of a special event celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Blue Archive, more information on the upcoming anime adaptation was revealed. First, more character design drawings were shown, this time featuring the rest of the Foreclosure Task Force and also the members of Problem Solver 68. Previously, Shiroko and Arona’s designs were shown.

You can check out the newly revealed character designs below.

Foreclosure Task Force

Problem Solver 68

Afterwards, the main visual was unveiled, which at the same time revealed the big news that Blue Archive The Animation will begin airing in April 2024 on BS11. The visual features the members of the Foreclosure Task Force. You can check out a textless version of the visual below.

Blue Archive The Animation | Main Visual (Textless)

Finally, a new teaser PV was shown, giving us a first glimpse of the anime in action. You can check that out below.


Blue Archive The Animation will be produced by Yostar Pictures and studio CANDYBOX. Some of the staff is as follows. (Thanks to AIR_News01 for staff translations.)

Director: Daigo Yamagishi
Assistant Director: Shunji Maki
Series Composition: Hiroshi Onogi / Daigo Yamagishi
Character Design, Chief Animation Director: Hiromitsu Hagiwara
Art Director: Kazuhiro Arai

The cast announced so far is as follows:

Yui Ogura as Shiroko Sunaookami
Yumiri Hanamori as Hoshino Takanashi
Ohashi Ayaka as Serika Kuromi
Chiyuki Miura as Nonomi Izayoi
Sayaka Harada as Ayane Okusora
Reina Kondo as Aru Rikuhachima
Yukiyo Fujii as Kayoko Onikata
Erika Ishitobi as Haruka Igusa
Rumi Okubo as Mutsuki Asagi
Konomi Kohara as Arona

More characters will be coming soon according to the official website.

Blue Archive The Animation is scheduled to air April 2024 in Japan. It is an anime adaptation of the popular mobile game, Blue Archive, which is currently available worldwide for Android and iOS devices. For more information on the anime you can check out its official website and follow its X account.

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