Ninetail have announced their next Kickstarter project will VenusBlood Ragnarok. This is a direct sequel to VenusBlood Frontier, and they will be adding a new character to the game for this release. They of course will still have their amazing Stretch goals, but they felt this character would really benefit this story, so she will be added from the get go.

Here is a bit about her from their Kickstarter page.

Demon Princess of Moonlight Vidar

You want me to believe in your destiny? Then prove to me that you have the willpower to overcome and and every obstacle in your way.

The destined child born of the union between the Overlord Loki and the original Chief God Odin.

However, she was born with more demonic features than not, owing to her having inherited more demonic traits from her father than divine traits from her mother.

As a result, her life was threatened by the Senator who believes in Divine Superiority. Perhaps due to the experience of having her destiny dictated by the circumstances of her birth, she seems to have developed an apathetic, somewhat pessimistic personality.

However, buried deep within is a strong will and rebellious spirit, directed at her parents who abandoned her.

She has lived in the same mansion as Vali when he was being hidden away from the world, and is happy that he treats her normally despite knowing the circumstances of her birth.

And there you have it, Vidar, the child of Odin and Loki! Despite inheriting the demonic traits from her father, she bears a striking resemblance to her mother, no? Those heterochromia eyes especially.

Now then, before we end off this update, a few notes about the upcoming Kickstarter project and about the International version itself.

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