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Idea Factory International has announced that they’ll be launching DATE A LIVE: Ren Dystopia digitally on Steam later this year, 2024. A more specific release date has not yet been announced at this time. The press release mentions that in addition to releasing the game on Steam, there will also be a localization of two audio dramas, Natsumi Encounter and Origami Friendship, and the short novel, Ren Masques, all of which will be available exclusively with the Deluxe Edition of the game. DATE A LIVE: Ren Dystopia will be 15% off, both the Standard and Deluxe Editions, for the first week after the game launches. Feel free to check out the opening movie trailer down below. Also down below, is more info from the latest press release about the overall series and this latest game, everything that’s included in the Deluxe Edition and various announcement screenshots that have been released as well.

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Digital Art Collection (13 pages)

    • Character art collection
    • Rough art collection
  • 2 Audio Dramas in Japanese and Drama Script in English and Traditional Chinese (PDF)

    • Natsumi Encounter
    • Origami Friendship
  • Official Soundtrack (27 tracks)

  • Short Novel in Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese

    • Ren Masques


DATE A LIVE is a popular light novel series from Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. It has been adapted into a TV anime series of the same name, the fourth and most recent installment of which—DATE A LIVE IV—was broadcast in 2022.

This next-generation boy-meets-girl story, written by Koushi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, has garnered immense popularity both in Japan and overseas, selling over six million copies worldwide!

The story of DATE A LIVE begins thirty years after Earth has been plagued by spacequakes. These calamities are triggered by the emergence of enigmatic entities known as Spirits. One day, an ordinary student named Shido Itsuka encounters a Spirit disillusioned with humanity. Shido’s sister, Kotori, reveals to him that he possesses the unique ability to seal Spirit’s powers away.

However, the method is surprising. To seal a Spirit’s powers, he has to date her and make her fall for him!

Shido resolves to do whatever it takes to protect the world and save them. He faces the Spirits with total sincerity as he navigates the various challenges that come his way.


A newly emergent spirit named Natsumi ends up in the crosshairs of Deus Ex Machina Industry. Shido defends Natsumi from Deus Ex Machina Industry and manages to seal her powers.

Following the transformation and inversion caused by Origami, Shido manages to reshape the world to protect it, eventually sealing Origami.

Enemies may still lurk about, but Shido and his friends savor the peace they’ve secured through their ordeals.

After an ordinary evening spent among friends, Shido has an unusual dream. He hears a mysterious voice calling out from the shadows.

Upon waking up the next morning, Shido discovers a peculiar container adorned with a snake pattern under his pillow.

Thinking it might be a prank, Shido asks around for the container’s owner. But when they try to open it…

Key Features 

Another Date, Another Fate – The DATE A LIVE universe expands with the latest game installment officially localized for the first time in English, introducing a new original story with over ten returning characters and a brand-new original game character, Ren.

Seal Spirits And Grant Wishes – With 9 routes and over 15 endings, your choices impact Shido’s ability to save the world! Make the right decisions to help Shido grant the spirit’s wishes and maybe bump into some old friends along the way! But be careful. Make the wrong choices and it’s game over!

A Visual Feast Of A Visual Novel – Renowned artist Tsunako returns with incomparable character portraits animated with breathing motions, facial expressions, and swaying clothes and hair.

Learn Lore And More! – Whether you are new to the series or looking for a refresher on DATE A LIVE lore, the in-game Library is designed with you in mind! Read character profiles and brush up on terminology to better prepare yourself for Shido’s journey!

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