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The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch

The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch

I read a few chapters of the manga around when it started and while I didn’t follow it, I did remember it. It follows the life of a witch named Alyssa who finds a baby in the woods and adopts her. The child, who she names Viola, grows up and contrasts with her mother, who has a small stature and childish looks. It also does not take almost any time to see that she is also extremely attached and protective of Alyssa. I would say one of the strengths of the show are the side characters. They help add more to Alyssa and Viola’s dynamic, which I feel could get old without them. My favorite is probably Viola’s familiar, who might appear to be just a throwaway character at the start but ends up getting quite a lot of scenes later on. While I like it, I can see how some people might not be a fan of the comedy. The opening and ending themes aren’t bad either, and I like how they add the next episode preview into the end theme. If you just want a comedy to relax to then this might work for you. – Walter

— You can watch The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch on Crunchyroll.

Manga and LNs:

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Teasing Master Takagi-san | Ch177 - 02

Well, it happened, the last chapter of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi has been released, marking the end of an era. For over a decade, Souichirou Yamamoto has entertained his fans with this lighthearted story of middle-school life through the eyes of Takagi-san, the teasing master, and Nishikata, who never ended up winning any of his contests against her. Though, he definitely received something pretty darn great in the end. The teasing and contests were a clever and fun way to depict the two’s lives and slowly evolving relationship throughout the series, and I’m glad we have the current spin-off that continues their story. I’m also looking forward to the new spin-off starring their daughter, Chi, coming soon.

As I said the last time I wrote one of these Week in segments, I’ll be missing this immensely. Yet, I’m glad to have experienced it and will re-read it someday. I look forward to that day, following the charming, fun-filled days of these two once more. Sort of like the saying, I’m certainly sad that it has ended, happy for it to have happened at all. – Drew D.

Ume and Momo’s Everyday Life

Ume and Momo's Everyday Life | Ch18 - 02

Since last time, chapter 18 has been made available via fan-translation, of which I’m always grateful for. This chapter sees Ume and Momo getting their clothes and minds ready for summer. I also learned the term Koromogae, which is the seasonal changing of clothes. While I knew about the practice, I never knew the specific term, so that was fun. Those of us in the northern hemisphere, though, may have pulled out warmer clothing recently.

Along with warmer weather comes visions of beaches, festivals, and, in now classic Momo fashion, visions of all the foods she wants to eat throughout.

Ever lighthearted, this splash of summer is much appreciated, as it’s been more often cool and cloudy nowadays in my part of the world. How’s the weather where all of you are? – Drew D.

Still no plans for an official translated publication of Ume and Momo yet. The fan-translations can be found on Mangadex.
Official English publication of Teasing Master Takagi-san licensed by Yen Press. And again, not yet published chapters and spin-offs can be found on Mangadex.

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