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We here at oprainfall don’t just love video games: we’re big fans of anime, too. So in celebration of the medium, we’re here to give you our thoughts on what we’ve been watching each week as we watch it. Old, new – anything goes.

Currently Airing:

Dark Gathering

Dark Gathering New Student

We’re a bit into the season and are now getting another character to join the main cast. While I do like the trio that has been the focus, I’m glad they’re adding a new character to the group. Ai is the energetic girl who’s a bad student, which is kind of a staple character in most series. She’s quite the opposite of Keitaro. I did like how she is with Yayoi, not to mention her introduction to Eiko. While she can’t see anything, it doesn’t take long for Keitaro to recognize she has a connection to the supernatural. The interesting part here was the reason for this. I’m hoping that Ai stays on to be a more permanent character even if her issue is resolved, though I’d be interested in seeing what role she would have when dealing with other supernatural events. – Walter

— You can watch Dark Gathering on HiDive.

Anime of the Past:

Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora | oprainfall anime

So it’s not a real secret that I like Problematic Things ™, especially in my fictional romances. One of my favorite pieces of media growing up was Angel Sanctuary, which left a pretty lasting impression on me. So when our resident Steve mentioned an anime with a twincest bend based off a VN, I was like “gimme.” I have never read Yosuga no Sora and somehow missed this anime from *checks notes* 2010, but I’m here now! And it’s okay! The basic premise is that twins Haruka and Sora return to their childhood home after their parents die suddenly in an accident. The two are trying to navigate moving back, while Haru reconnects with various girls he knew as a child. I’ve only watched the first episode but the animation quality is honestly way better than I expected based on the premise, and I enjoy the very of-their-time character designs. The music isn’t really anything to write home about and the performances are fine. I can honestly say I don’t really care about the other girls that much, though the ojousan is probably the one I’d go for if Sora didn’t exist, but she does, and the anime is definitely letting you know twincest is endgame here. That suits me just fine. This is honestly not an anime I’d probably suggest to most folks but I’m very glad it exists for me, personally. – Leah

You can watch Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude Where We Are Least Alone on Crunchyroll.

Manga and LNs:

Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles

Seirei Gensouki - Spirit Chronicles | Vol 1 Cover

Over the past two weeks, I had the opportunity to read the first two volumes of Seirei Gensouki – Spirit Chronicles. This is a light novel (LN) series about a young Japanese college student, Haruto Amakawa, who essentially dies and finds his soul merged with that of a young boy, named Rio, in another world. This other world is one of medieval fantasy with the existence of different kinds of magic, and the now merged Haruto/ Rio soon finds himself taken from the slums of the Strahl Kingdom to his enrollment into the most prestigious academy where nobles and even royal members attend.

Now, if you think you’ve heard all of this before, it’s because you probably have, as too many works use these overused story points. However, the story does move away from some of these common tropes rather quickly, while picking up others along the way. Rio’s time in school, covered in the first volume, sees six years pass relatively quickly, and moving to other storylines and events rather quickly.

Anyway, as Rio is a common born orphan, he is ostracized, which leads to his eventual, and easily decided, departure from school and into the world, with the hopes of visiting his parents’ homeland. Of course, an impossible journey like this would be filled with conflicts, discoveries, and such, and indeed it is. New characters are introduced, new conflicts arise, and plenty of world building is had, making for a relatively entertaining read. So far, I find myself between curiosity and intrigue regarding this LN series, given its attempts at something unique mixed with a reliance on themes and story elements that are hardly innovative. As of writing this, I’m about to start volume 3, and if the story evolves while also moving away from commonly used plot devices and the like, I may keep reading beyond this. I guess we’ll see…

A quick side note, this is actually the first isekai media that I’m consuming which uses the truck/ traffic accident trope. Despite its popularity, to the point of becoming a meme, strangely enough, this is my first real encounter with it. Go figure. – Drew D.

Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers

Hitomi-Chan is Shy with Strangers | Vol 7 Cover

I also decided to re-read the official and fan-translated chapters of Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers. This is a cute slice-of-life manga following freshman high schooler Hitomi Takano, a girl with intimidating height and a scary face. She meets Yuu Usami, a short, meek, and kindhearted second year who attends the same high school. The two become fast friends, enjoying a myriad of everyday adventures together and plenty of jovial, fun misunderstandings given Takano’s shy, yet terrifying demeanor.

Hitomi-Chan is Shy with Strangers | ch53 - 02

This is another lighthearted manga I’ve enjoyed for a few years now and I’ve liked the progress of Takano as a character, as well as her relationship with Usami. Presently, she’s become less shy, though still finds herself in awkward situations or caught in misunderstandings at times. We see her character evolve from a reliance on others or just letting the misunderstandings go, to properly handling said situations and showing more assertiveness for herself and her friends. The manga depicts her growth nicely, and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow into a stronger, more outgoing person. Not quite an iyashikei, this manga still manages to relax me with its often blunt, yet kindhearted humor. – Drew D.

The official English publication of Hitomi-chan is Shy with Strangers licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment.
The official English publication of Spirit Chronicles licensed by J-Novel Club

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