Yuri fans from all around the globe, rejoice as Noodletub Games returns with RENAI BAKUDAN! Our dear developer duo friends are back with another wonderful girls’ love visual novel. This one aims to be bigger than the last one with a ton of content and a crazy synopsis already to boot. This time around, you’ll follow Juri Kido and her journey through a erotic hidden gem by the name of Akiyama. If you’re not familiar with Noodletub, they previously held two successful yuri visual novel Kickstarters. The two titles would be the very beautiful LOVE BAKUDAN and the very wild GOOD LUCK BABY! In both these cases Noodletub really blew me out of the water with their captivating approach to storytelling, beautiful art for both characters and backgrounds, and charming soundtrack. This writer will even go as far as to say they’re the true hidden gem among visual novel developers.

It seems I’m not alone in sharing that sentiment! The campaign, which has been up since August 25th, was already funded 13 hours in. Now the race is on to see if we can unlock more erotica and more romanceable routes. As someone who’s been watching all the character teasers from Twitter, I need this to happen very badly and you might be inclined to agree. If you wish to help, you can join me in pledging for the campaign. An innocent $11 USD is all you need to secure a copy of the game when it launches next year. You can also treat yourself to many other goodies in higher tiers. Don’t delay, pledge today!

So what’s the story behind RENAI BAKUDAN?

Life in the fast lane sounds great – until it catches up with you.

Ex-yakuza Juri Kido has been through a lot in the city of Tokyo. When her group ditches her after a life-changing incident, Juri realizes the true value of her own freedom; and vows to start over somewhere new.

Impulsively hopping on a train, Juri finds herself in the coastal hotbed of desire known as Akiyama – a hidden gem in the world of red-light districts. With plenty of dirty stores, sleazy nightclubs and even an erotic bookstore, this isn’t just any vacation spot! (Some might even call it the perfect setting for a dating sim…)

Thanks to a chance meeting on her first night in town, Juri ends up with a place to stay and a brand-new job somewhere a little unconventional. There’s truly no other place like it…

Hotel Bakudan is a love hotel – a place where couples can rent private rooms to have sex at all hours of the day. It’s famous for the ridiculously wide variety of themed rooms that cater to all tastes, ranging from hilarious to hot as hell! Like being tied up? We’ve got you covered! What about a room that looks and smells like a bakery? Sure, why not?!

However, there are six beautiful women who visit the hotel alone for their own mysterious reasons – and they all need Juri’s help. These six all have the potential to change Juri’s life in ways she can’t even imagine, filling it with romance, comedy, and plenty of drama.

Not only will you date the beautiful women you meet at Hotel Bakudan, but if you’re a pro at running the front desk…you’ll also earn erotic books that you can read for yourself!

If you want to learn more about these ambitious duo and their previous games, please check out my interviews with them for their prior titles here! Who knows, maybe there’ll be a new one~!

Diego Hernandez
Diego is an incredibly passionate visual novel enthusiast from an island within the Caribbean. He intends on working alongside Operation Rainfall to inform the masses about the vast library of breathtaking visual literature. As well as spreading awareness of the amazingly talented individuals hard at work on said breathtaking projects.