Today Developer Studio Sai announced Eternights would be launching a week early on PlayStation platforms and Steam. The dating simulator and monster slaying action game will now launch on September 12th. The team also announced that physical editions of the game will be coming from Maximum Games for the PlayStation 4| 5 consoles this holiday.

In Eternights, the world we know is turned upside down when a mysterious event transforms people into violent monsters and creates giant walls that close in your city. When your arm is replaced with a magical, shapeshifting replica that grants you strange powers, it’s up to you to break through the wall and save the world… and your love life. Dates still happen during the apocalypse, and even when a surreal evil brings life as you know it crashing down, what matters most is the people around you.

Spend your time in Eternights surviving trips into fiendish dungeons and intense real-time battles with monstrous foes. Utilizing your own magical abilities and those of your companions, take these enemies down in stylish combos, aided by the survivors you bring into battle. But there are only so many hours in the day, and the apocalypse waits for no first kiss. How you spend the end of the world is up to you, but remember that every moment counts in Eternights.

Distributed in partnership with Maximum Games, fans can also get their hands on a physical edition of Eternights for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 releasing holiday 2023 from select retailers.

Steve Baltimore
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