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Team GrisGris and MAGES have announced the latest entry in the Corpse Party series titled Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion. The game is said to be released in 2024 but no platforms have been announced yet. For those of you unaware of this franchise, Corpse Party originated as a horror adventure game released on the PC-9801 back in 1996. It was later remade and re-released as Corpse Party: Blood Covered and officially localized on the PSP in 2011. It has since seen ports to other platforms including 3DS and PC. More recently in 2021, it was released on the Nintendo Switch and PS4. This release is not to be confused with the already released Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient on Steam.

“In a new setting, new horrors await with a cruel laugh. I hope that it will become a source of encouragement for those faced against the harsh realities of the world. Please, stay safe…! I hope everyone will be able to enjoy the ever-expanding world of Corpse Party.” said scenario writer Makoto Kedouin

You can view the teaser site here


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