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More juicy visual novel news coming this week as Sounds of Her Love 2 gets its announcement. English visual novel developer and friend of the website, ds-sans, took to Twitter today to announce a sequel to one his early projects. In case you don’t know, before ds-sans published his Kickstarter for Thawing Feelings and worked on Chemically Bonded, there was another title that I find to be criminally underappreciated. That title was Sounds of Her Love, a free visual novel available on Steam right now, that shared the beautiful story of Ceridwen Erwood. It’s been 6 years since her story landed on Steam, so seeing this post after so long is sure to put a smile on a bunch of peoples faces. No details regarding the release window at this time. More details within the Steam news announcement!

So what’s Sounds of Her Love 2 about?

A sequel to Sounds of Her Love, a sweet romance story between two students set in an international school in Tokyo.

One year has passed since the events of Sounds of Her Love, and your relationship with Ceri has deepened. You have now become a couple and, with your encouragement, Ceri has begun to emerge from her shell.

Leopards don’t change their spots that easily, however, and though Ceri has been attempting to overcome her innate shyness, she still has a tendency to doubt herself.

Wanting to boost Ceri’s confidence, you encourage her to perform in the school’s graduation ceremony with the members of the music club. This will be one of the greatest challenges the timid Ceri has had to face, but you are sure that she will be able to overcome it.

You will be there with her, after all, to reassure her… and you want everybody to know just how far Ceri has come.

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