Last night JAST Blue held a panel at AX 2023. During this panel it was announced they would be localizing a couple of new BL titles, so let’s take a look at what they have coming.

First up we have Masquerade: Hell Academy from developer PIL/SLASH.

From VNDB:

Hiroshi is insulted sexually by Yoritake every day. Hiroshi doesn’t want it anymore but he can’t deny his call. One day, Hiroshi is ordered to sneak into a school building at night and he meets a man in police uniform there. He fires a gun and keeps a teacher, Yoritake and Hiroshi as hostage. The man orders them to….

Their second title was from developer PIL/SLASH as, it is called Paradise.

From VNDB:

Collaboration project between Pil/Slash and LOVE&DESTROY.

Azuma’s days are unchanging — his monotonous life is shaken up when he wins a trip to a southern island resort in a lottery drawing.

“Who knows…maybe I’ll even meet some cute girls there or something.”

In high spirits over this uncommonly good luck, he eagerly looks forward to the day of departure… only to find nothing but men present at the tour group’s meeting point. Despite the huge disappointment, he becomes friendly the other members of the tour (except one) and is able to enjoy his time on the uninhabited island for what it is.

However, the life of freedom is short-lived; clouds of suspiscion gradually draw closer, finally transforming their supreme paradise into a closed off circle of evil and oppression.

That’s all for JAST Blue’s 2023 Anime Expo announcements, hopefully these will good titles for the BL fans out there.

Steve Baltimore
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