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Otaku Elf

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This episode also gave some more spotlight to one of the side characters. This time with it being Koma, who I was hoping would get more time. The focus of this part was Elda missing one of her rare models and Koma stepping in to be a detective due to her boredom. There really isn’t much of a mystery of who did it though, but it was fun enough. The second half focuses on the set up of a festival which includes a ritual with some archery and Elda getting on a boat. Like always, she does not want to really be part of it. The ending sets up something that wasn’t going to be hard to expect. That being said, I do want to see how they wrap up the season. – Walter

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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Witch of Mercury | Quiet Zero

After the chaos of the last episode, we see Suletta and the Earth house trying to provide what help they can at the school. Miorine is not doing well with all the things that have happened in the last few episodes; so I’d like to see how things will go when Suletta and her speak again. After being spoken of for a few episodes, we finally get a glimpse of Prospera’s Quiet Zero program. The battle that starts using it and her faction’s mobile suits was fast and one sided, really showing how much control she wields. Suletta ends up being contacted to help against Prospera toward the end of the episode. Seeing the Earth house students wanting to back her up along with Elan asking to go with them was nice to see. Suletta has had some rough episodes, so seeing her keep getting support was good. That being said, we also see Lauda, who more or less always disliked Suletta, have a new grudge against another character. I’m excited to see the upcoming battle, but I’m wondering if they’ll be able to tie all the plot points off before the end of the season. – Walter

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