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Onigokko | Fate

Some exciting news to share as the long awaited Onigokko fandisc has a release date! If this romantic comedy visual novel sounds familiar to you, it’s because we took a look at it a while back! A very charming release that left a few of us on the staff impressed. Now here we are, and we don’t have to wait much longer to get more content across 5 routes. That all sounds good, right? To make it better, the fan favorite imouto is now romanceable too! So it’s coming very soon, and has an affordable price tag at around $8.49. Mark your calendars for June 23rd, and get ahead of the curve with a pre-order over on JAST’s website right now.

So what’s the story behind the Onigokko fandisc?

Your favorite girls from Onigokko are back! Return to Miyajima Island and reconnect with your favorite friends and lovers, and experience after stories for each route in Onigokko! But that’s not all the fandisc has to offer; if you’re an imouto fan who felt slighted that Aoi didn’t get a route in the first game, worry not! This fandisc has you covered, with a full route dedicated to sibling bonding!

The Fandisc features an enchanting cast of characters brought to life by remarkable artwork paired with the talented writing duo of Miyakura and Sora Shitashimo. The Fandisc will be fully voiced, with the exception of the protagonist, providing an immersive audio journey for players.

It’s also never too late to check out Onigokko! Click here to learn more about the original title.

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