Developer Open Late Games has a released a demo of their Erotic Otome visual novel Speakeasy. The game is set during the prohibition-era in LA where crime pays and folks are living a life of style.

Here is more information from the JAST Store Page:

Speakeasy is an erotic visual novel with a female protagonist. There are six possible romance routes: four routes with single male love interests, one sapphic love interest route, and one polyamorous route with two male love interests. The full game features 18 possible ends and around 35 hours of gameplay.

Suddenly forced into an arranged marriage, Cora West rebels against the norms of her class and runs away, intent on forging her own path in life. But she quickly finds herself falling directly into the laps of some of the city’s most notorious citizens. What Cora encounters outside the iron gates and manicured lawns of the West Estate in Prohibition-era Los Angeles is a bright, exciting, and equally dangerous city pulsing to the beat of jazz music and drowning in the illegal liquor of the most decadent underground club around. Vincent Harlowe’s speakeasy is beyond her wildest dreams–and sometimes even her worst nightmares.

Direct her actions and determine whether she will make it out with her heart intact or lose herself in the glamor and excess.

The date for the full release of Speakeasy hasn’t been given as of the time of this writing, but you can check out a free demo in the JAST Store.

Steve Baltimore
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