Dokapon Kingdom: Connect | Announcement Trailer Screenshot

Dokapon Kingdom: Connect | Announcement Trailer Screenshot

Idea Factory International has put out a brand new trailer for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch both physically and digitally in North America and Europe, this upcoming May 9th, 2023. The latest press release also states that starting May 2nd, you’ll be able to pre-order a digital copy of the game in the Nintendo eShop and it will be discounted by 15% until May 22nd. Feel free to check out the brand new trailer down below. Also, please visit the official website to learn even more about Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. It’s just been updated with new info about various aspects of the game such as the advanced jobs, and short bios on the characters who reside in Dokapon Kingdom have been added as well.

【About the Game】

Everyone in Dokapon Kingdom loves money. One day in this peaceful land, monsters suddenly appeared and began attacking nearby towns. The economy collapsed, and people were at their lowest. Taxes were no longer being paid, of course.

So that’s when the King took action!

He decided to gather the bravest warriors to rescue these towns so he can get paid! In exchange, the one who collects the most shall be rewarded with the Princess’ hand in marriage and the throne.

And thus, an adventure for money begins, where absolutely anything goes!

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