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Crunchyroll Games has abruptly announced the termination of service for the global version of Princess Connect! Re:Dive. The game released globally on January 19, 2021 for Android and iOS devices. The global version will continue running until April 30, 2023, after which players will no longer be able to log into the game.

You can read the full announcement below:

This update bulletin is a bit different from the others that we usually get to deliver, as we’re sharing some wistful news regarding the future of the global version of Princess Connect! Re: Dive.

We’ll cut straight to the chase: our shared time in Astraea is coming to an end. On April 30, 2023 UTC, Princess Connect! Re: Dive will reach its end of service, and players will be unable to log into their accounts after that date. In preparation for this end of service, as of today, the in-game Shop has been closed, and all in-app purchases are no longer available for purchase. Players will still be able to use any accrued Jewels or similar resources until the closure of the game at the end of April, including the two new characters releasing between now and then, Rin (Ranger) and Mahiru (Ranger), the latter of which will be available on April 17 UTC.

We know this is unfortunate news to hear, and relaying a decision like this to everyone does not come easy. However, one thing is absolutely clear: we are immensely grateful and thankful to all of the loyal fans and players that have enjoyed Princess Connect! Re: Dive. We only hope that everyone has enjoyed the past two-plus years together as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

From each “Heyas, Knights!” opener to each bullet point summary at the end of each article that some of y’all probably skipped to, from every joke about “Grot-two” double drops to us heralding the continuous return of the 3★ Guaranteed Premium Gacha, and all the bad puns and extra jokes in between… It’s been a pleasure getting to bring you these update articles and explore this wild world with everyone, and with a bit of luck, hopefully, some of them put a smile on your face.

There are countless stories from the continent of Astraea that will be left untold and characters we’ll have yet to meet, but Princess Connect! Re: Dive will live on in our hearts. And who knows – maybe you’ve made a couple of friends throughout your time playing the game, from the clans you’ve joined or the communities you’ve participated in. Don’t let this announcement stop you from continuing those relationships! After all, Princess Connect! Re: Dive has always been a story about friendships, bonds, and connections that can overcome any challenges, strife, and realities.

All right – one last time, for the metaphorical road. From all of us at Crunchyroll Games:

Thank you for playing Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Knights!

Crunchyroll Games –

Crunchyroll Games did not give any specific reason for why the Global version is closing its doors. It should be noted that the Japanese version of Priconne is unaffected by this news, so those that want to still play the game have that option. However, there is no English text option and you would have to start the game from scratch.

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