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Buddy Daddies

Buddy Daddies | oprainfall anime

Picking up from the last episode, we see how life for the two has gone now that Miri has gone back with her mother. Things are very much different and instead of just going back to the way it was previously, it seems even sadder. They still look at it as being for the best for Miri, but it’s still hard. Miri, still not grasping the situation, misses the two even with her mother. As the pair appear to begin moving apart, things become very dire. Rei goes back to his father, who we know is quite ruthless, but we see how heartless he really is. Ogino appears again to cement how much of a villain he is. As the two take Miri to Kyu’s safehouse, they contemplate what to do. Kazuki tries to think of the best way to keep Miri safe and hide her, but surprisingly it is Rei who objects to this. He instead wants to go back to what they had no matter what they have to do (even reducing the number of hours he can play games). Rei has been the most reserved of the two, so seeing him develop and warm up to Miri has been one of the high points of the series. The next episode will be the last, and I can only hope for a happy ending at this point. – Walter

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Trigun Stampede

Trigun Stampede | oprainfall anime

It’s the final confrontation between brothers as Vash finally breaks free of Knives’ control, thanks in part to Rem’s memory, as well as Meryl’s persistence, in one of the most beautifully-animated sequences yet. The way Studio ORANGE uses color and motion is honestly a thing to behold, and worked so well here to contrast the twins’ world views. Unfortunately, even though he’s broken free of Knives, Vash can’t undo what he’s unleashed by opening the portal to the higher realm. He can only contain it for a short time, condensing the raw energy into a ticking time bomb as he and Knives fly through July. In a desperate bid to escape his brother, Vash merges the energy into his arm to create a cannon and flies into space, intent on releasing all the energy safely away from Noman’s Land. It does not go quite as intended, and as he crashes back to the planet below, July is enveloped in a catastrophic explosion that reduces the city to rubble and kills 90 percent of its citizens. We then jump two years into the future and Meryl is returning to the scene to pay her respects, while elsewhere we see a young man with one arm trying to remember how to play a song on a piano. We get some cryptic discussion from unknown sources about Project SEEDS and the episode ends.

Wow, what a way to stick the landing. Studio ORANGE absolutely hit the finale out of the park here, wrapping up several loose ends but keeping enough open for the inevitable continuation. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the professor’s experiments, including Legato, who remains a giant question mark following his attempt to destroy the sand steamer and Wolfwood’s home. Zazie’s allegiances are hazy at best, and we don’t know where the impregnated Plants are. Where has Wolfwood gone? And what’s up with that communication we hear at the end regarding Project SEEDS? We also got one of the best character introductions here without ever even seeing her, but suffice to say I squealed out loud at the name drop. I cannot wait for the next entry in this series to see Studio ORANGE’s take on the world of Trigun. What a fantastic production. – Leah

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