JAST has released Tokyo Necro. This outstanding visual novel was developed by Nitro Origin, creators of Song of Saya and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, and sets new standards for the genre. Featuring fully animated fight scenes and an interactive display where you can see every action your character takes through their own eyes.

Tokyo Necro will set you back $35,99 and this includes a launch discount. The game is out now in the JAST Store and on Steam. J-LIST has a physical collector’s edition up for pre-order that includes an Iria Plush as a pre order bonus for a mere $99 bucks.

Note, there is free Director’s Cut DLC for the Steam version in the JAST Store as well.

Here is the rest of the collector’s edition’s contents:

• Special “Frozen” Outer Box
• Game on DVD
• 26-page Localization Commentary Book
• A2-size Ex Brain Poster
• 2 x Sticker Badges


Here is more about the game and some words from the localization team from the press release below the break:

Tokyo Necro takes place in the year 2199: the Earth has found itself plunged into a new ice age, with a number of still-functioning major cities serving as pockets of civilization.

Against this bleak backdrop we meet Nagaoka So’un and Kibanohara Ethica, who work to combat criminal activity by Necromancers. Using biotech that has yet to be fully understood, Necromancy allows practitioners to reanimate corpses as their thralls and use them for whatever nefarious purposes they may envision.

Our story begins when So’un discovers an amnesiac girl in a car trunk after what was seemingly a routine, if not harrowing, encounter with a hostile Necromancer. The girl is being pursued by a mysterious group of Necromancers known only as The Laboratory. Things escalate from there, with both So’un and Ethica discovering that their pasts and heritage must be confronted should they wish to move forward.

Nitroplus is a superstar in the world of visual novels, and the polish and quality they bring to their titles is rarely more evident than with Tokyo Necro. With weapon and mechanical design by Ishiwata Makoto of Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, and scenario co-writing by Shimokura Vio of YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story, Tokyo Necro boasts the best of the best from the Nitroplus talent pool.

The physical edition of Tokyo Necro is worthy of the most discerning collector, and includes a box with a PVC slipcase designed to emulate the frozen landscape of the game, letting you feel immersed immediately; a two-panel CD digipack with a physical copy of the game; two four-inch-square stickers; an Ex-Brain A2 paper poster; and an exclusive commentary book full of anecdotes from localizers about working on the game. Preorders receive a bonus 20cm Iria plush absolutely free, which will be available to buy separately.

“Personally speaking, Tokyo Necro’s greatest appeal for me is how it marries B-movie action — taking on armies of increasingly hideous zombies with heavy artillery and chainsaws — with headier concepts like emergent AI, human progress and technological advancement, sex and sexuality, the nature of consciousness, and so on, while remaining committed to depicting its vision of the Tokyo of 2199 as a metropolis and community. It effectively leverages its nature as a visual novel, with frequent action sequences rendered in full 3D that remain among the most engaging the medium has to offer even nearly seven years after its initial release.” – Localization Editor Moogy

“One thing that stands out to me about Tokyo Necro is having you choose graphical icons to influence the protagonists’ subconsciousness rather than just textual commands. Also, it effectively utilizes surround sound. If I unplug my front speakers, I can no longer hear voiced lines, but I can still hear music and sfx from the rear speakers. Awesome.” – Translator Blick Winkel

JAST is the premier localizer and publisher of Japanese visual novels and dating-sim games for the English market. They partner with game studios to release their titles to fans worldwide, ensuring creators and artists directly benefit and can continue to create amazing works in the future.

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