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Title Cions of Vega
Developer EastAsiaSoft, Tonguç Bodur
Publisher EastAsiaSoft
Release Date March 8th, 2023
Genre Walking Sim
Platform Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4|5
Age Rating Mature
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Every once in a while I like to take on something different than the genres I usually cover, so when I saw EastAsiaSoft was releasing a new Walking Sim I decided to check it out. The game is called Cions of Vega and I thought this might be a good story with some occult like elements, but the question is, was I right? Let’s find out!

The story here begins as you search for your lost daughter Leila. The town has been a bit strange lately with a weird cult running and some of the adults have gone missing. Luckily, you have your brother Logan, who is very familiar with the lay of the land, to help you out. The two of you will have to explore each area of the town in search of clues where Leila might be, but this won’t be an easy task as the town has locked several gates due to the strange activity.

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Overall I thought the story here was OK, but there certainly isn’t anything groundbreaking. The note you find and your chats with Logan do give you quite a bit of backstory and insights into the protagonist and what has been going on in town, but since the story is the focus of a game like this, I felt there really should’ve been a little more meat here. It’s not really bad overall, it just feels a bit light on substance.

In the graphics department, Cions of Vega is pretty basic, but it works well for this title. The forest areas have a good amount of detail, and while there isn’t a lot of variation, what is here is done very well. The lighting is the best part of the graphics in this one. The use of sun flares, torch lights and other lighting effects really bring some of the areas to life. I never really thought about how much light can effect your immersion, but after seeing this it really can. There are few character models in the game as well, these are nicely done, but there isn’t anything special about them either.

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I have to say this one is mixed bag when it comes to the audio. The ambient sounds of the forest are nice and the sound effects are adequate. The voice acting here is decent, but it can feel a little stilted at times. I think the biggest issue I had here was the music, there should’ve been more of it. There is a little bit that plays mostly when you start each area, or when an important event is happening. The rest of the time you’re stuck with just the forest sounds and footsteps. While I don’t think the BGM should’ve been blaring the whole time, a nice soft tune while walking would’ve been welcomed.

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Overall, Cions of Vega is an average Walking Sim. The game only lasts a couple hours and even though I feel like the story is lacking a bit, it did keep my interest. The music is very good the few times it plays and while this isn’t a great looking title, it’s not a terrible one either. At the $6.99 price tag, fans of the genre will probably like this one, or XBOX users looking for a quick 1000 points to their Gamerscore might wanna jump on this as well.

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