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Visual novel fans, it’s time to be aware of another great release in The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons from NekoNyan. An announcement that dates all the way back to March 2021 is finally here. If you’re not familiar, let me get you up to speed. This title is developed Laplacian, whom you may recognize from a very good visual novel. To clarify, I’m talking about Newton and the Apple Tree. Newton was one of the most profound releases at the time and now this title aims to bring you back. With a brilliant mix of sci-fi and romance, you’ll be starting your year on the right foot when you boot this one up. You can buy The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons today on Steam for $26.69. In addition, you can also buy it on MangaGamer, Denpasoft, and JAST. If you buy it on Steam, a free 18+ patch is available for download here.

So what’s the plot for The Future Radio and the Artificial Pigeons, you may be asking.

A unique tale in which the artificial pigeons were initially created as a worldwide wireless network that covers the entire globe.But one day, they turned and began to eat the same airwaves they were meant to carry. They feast on radio waves, breeding uncontrollably until they’re the only birds left in the sky. You follow the story of Sora, a young tinkerer working on a new type of radio to regain the sky for humanity.

Diego Hernandez
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