Get your hyper weapons ready! On December 20th MangaGamer will release four Rance titles on the JAST Store. These include, Rance 01 + 02,  Rance 5D + VI, Sengoku Rance and Rance Quest Magnum. You can pre order all of these today and get 20% off!


Here is a bit about each from the store pages:

Rance 01 + 02:

Rance 01 -Quest for Hikari-
This game is a remake of “Rance -Quest for Hikari-” from 1989. The original menu-based adventure game has been revamped with a new script, new graphics, new sounds, and a new battle system. First-time buyers can just think of this as the first adventure of the Rance series, and players familiar with the original can enjoy the changes that have been made to the characters and story.

For the most part, this is an adventure game where your choices determine what actions you take to progress through the story. And obviously, danger goes hand in hand with adventure. Some choices might lead to you taking damage and dying unexpectedly, while others might lead to fortuitous encounters… Enjoy the game by taking plenty of detours along the way.

Dungeons where monsters appear, like forests or caves, are represented by cards. Will you fight a monster? Find treasure? Fall into a trap? Choose cards carefully when proceeding to your destination. If the card is face-down, you won’t know what it’s hiding. It could be rare treasure, or a powerful monster…

If you encounter a monster, a battle using weapon and shield “chips” begins. Will you play multiple weapons for a powerful attack, throw in shields for defense, save disposable weapons for an all-out attack, or do something else entirely… Well planned combos are the name of the game here. Though, that doesn’t mean brute forcing it won’t work. Buy weapons and shields at the shop to put together your own unique style of combat.

Brutal warrior Rance’s mind is filled to the brim with thoughts of fucking girls. And wherever he goes, screams of beautiful women resound.

He’s been traveling around randomly with the mage girl he recently bought, Sill, but now he has a different purpose in mind. His target this time… Or rather, his destination, is the Kingdom of Leazas, which is known to be the most wealthy nation in the world. The daughter of a noble family, Hikari, who attended Paris Academy there, has gone missing, and he’s taken up a quest to find her.

Rance sets off to enjoy the beauties of Leazas!
…And while he’s there, he’ll find Hikari and enjoy her too, of course.

Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens-
The peerless warrior Rance is a great fighter, a quick thinker, and possessed of powerful luck. These qualities alone would mark him as a hero to go down in history, but unfortunately, he has no interest in using his talents for such things as world peace or justice, and acts only to fulfill his own desires. Now, the town of Custom is in danger, and the one who’s accepted a quest at the guild to help them is none other than Rance (and his helper Sill).

Now that Rance is on the job, Custom is saved! …Or is it?

Rance 5D + VI

Rance 5D -The Lonely Girl-
Continuing from Rance 4.1 and 4.2, 5D takes place in the same universe as the rest of the series, but it tells a standalone story and can be played with no knowledge of the previous Rance games.

These are stories of Rance not as a king, but as a simple swordsman going on adventures. There are playful stories and cool stories, but it’s mostly playful stories with a few cool stories in between. Games like Rance 3 and 4, with ambitious scales, are the cooler type, and you could say that Rance 1, 2, 4.1, and 4.2 are the playful types. And this story is another of the playful ones.

After fooling around too much and burning through all his funds, Rance reluctantly takes his slave, Sill, and his pet, Athena 2.0, with him on some adventuring work. But while fighting through a dungeon, they get lost in the caves and can’t find any way out… After some trouble, they eventually arrive at a mysterious castle inhabited by youkai…

Rance VI – Collapse of Zeth
Some time after Rance 5D, Rance has once again spent all his money and taken a job in the magical Kingdom of Zeth with his mage slave, Sill. In Zeth, however, mages are considered superior and non-mages are treated as 2nd class citizens, sparking events that lead to Rance’s confinement. What appears to be a prosperous nation is, in reality, rife with poverty and oppression against all who can’t use magic. Annoyed that such discrimination would target himself, Rance joins a resistance group and helps their efforts to lead Zeth to a revolution. And so, under the pretense of liberating the public, Rance’s adventure full of punishing evil mages, making a harem from his female allies, and having tons of sex begins…

Rance VI is a first person 3D dungeon crawler RPG. There are over thirty distinct dungeons littered with different events. From a wide cast of characters, you form six person combat parties to explore and fight. Party members can be freely switched in and out, but each battle costs a member one SP, and when they run out of SP, they’re unavailable until after you’ve left the dungeon. When not adventuring, most events are triggered from the Base Screen. Events cost orbs that can be acquired in dungeons and include everything from conversations with allies, to sex, to gaining new skills.

Sengoku Rance

In the far east nation of Nippon, a plethora of feudal lords are fighting for supremacy in the 4th Sengoku Era. After doing immeasurable damage on the Continent, the brute known as Rance traveled with his slave, Sill, to the island country.

For a hot spring vacation, you ask?

Wrong. While they’ll go to some hot springs, Rance’s goal is to bang all of Nippon’s beautiful princesses, samurai, miko, ninjas, village girls, and more. In particular, he wants Kouhime of the prominent Oda clan. When Rance becomes the ruler of one of the feudal states, he charges head first toward uniting Nippon!

Rance Quest Magnum

Alicesoft’s proud mainstay, the Rance series, moves to its next stage! With the new quest system, you can enjoy the game free and easy while taking the story at your own pace. Get as much out of the game as you want, like an MMORPG! The story continues from the last title in the series, Sengoku Rance, but Rance Quest is a great starting point for newcomers as well.

Rance crossed to the island nation of Nippon on the eastern edge of the continent in order to partake of its Princess Kouhime, who was known far and wide for her beauty. Chasing this goal, he met Nobunaga Oda, the leader of a minor state called Owari, and was entrusted with the command of its army, going on to conquer the country as its women as well. Rance defeated powerful warriors from clans Uesugi, Takeda, Imagawa, and others, gradually bringing all of Nippon under his rule, but in the final stages of the conflict, he lost his most trusted partner…

Having returned to the mainland, Rance resides in the Copan Empire, part of the Free Cities Zone. With a student named Sachiko who he saved on a whim (so he could have sex with her), he travels east and west, completing quests in search of beautiful women and fortune!
“Sill? Gahahaha! She can wait!” Just like always(?), Rance beds down with as many women as he can. But when he visits the Kalar Village with nefarious intent, he’s struck with a curse that keeps him from having sex!

With his Hyper Weapon disarmed, what will become of Rance’s life? He can still fuck strong girls, though!

Rance and his party of cute girls set off to find mighty maidens and treasures galore!


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