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Star Ocean: The Divine Force | oprainfall gaming

I’ve been plugging away at a review for Star Ocean: The Divine Force, so I don’t want to say too much here, but I figure I can share a few preliminary thoughts. Like I said in my impressions piece, for the full version of the game I went with Laeticia’s route, since I think she’s absolutely adorable and I like to play as chicks when given the chance. Rena was also my choice of character in Star Ocean: The Second Story (for similar reasons), and this game has some parallels with that one, so why break the trend, right? It definitely feels like Laeticia’s meant to be a second playthrough, since you lose quite a bit of context regarding Raymond, but I actually like how it adds some confusion to what’s going on. Laeticia doesn’t know about space travel and galactic federations, so having Ray literally fall out of the sky with no understanding of what’s going on puts you into her shoes pretty handily. One thing I finally got to play around with here that wasn’t available in the demo is Es’owa, SO6‘s mini-game. It reminds me of go or othello in that you can capture your opponent’s pieces by surrounding them with yours, but they can do the same to you. You do more damage to the opponent the more pieces you have on the board, and each piece has specific abilities they can use – for instance, placing more soldiers gives you an extra pawn, placing knights decreases the damage of surrounding enemies, etc. I’ve only played it a couple times and am still getting a feel for it, but I like it! I hope you all look forward to my full review when it’s ready! – Leah

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