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During their Transmission event on Wednesday, Konami dropped several big Silent Hill announcements, least of which was a full remake of beloved horror classic Silent Hill 2. You can watch the entire Transmission event above, or check out each individual game (and movie!) announcement below.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Developed by Bloober Team with the assistance of Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and artist Masahiro Ito, Silent Hill 2 Remake is being remade from the ground up with enhanced visuals, a new soundtrack, and gameplay changes, including an over-the-shoulder camera. Return to a fog-covered city with James Sunderland as he searches for the answers to how his dead wife sent him a letter.

Silent Hill returns as a high-end game,” says Production Manager Motoi Okamoto. “Look forward to this high-quality remake brought back to life by a group of horror game experts.”

Silent Hill is an inspiration to me,” adds Yamaoka. “I am deeply grateful to be involved in a work that has been loved for such a long time. A new story is about to unfold again. Please look forward to the time when you can immerse yourself in that world again.”

“Pyramid Head is coming back,” says Ito. “A new journey for those who know the original, and his origin story for those who know that character. And … the most memorable journey of the man most closely associated with that monster.”

Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno notes that Silent Hill 2 was one of the formative works that shaped his company, and that his team is faced with the “ultimate challenge … to translate our youthful memories of the ultimate game into a language that modern players can engage with, whilst at the same time crafting an experience true to the original. More than 20 years ago, a team of brilliant minds at Konami developed one of the most remarkable games in the history of electronic entertainment. In partnering together, Konami and Bloober Team will ensure that Silent Hill 2 shines once again to set new standards for the genre and deliver an unforgettable experience for the next generation of fans. With our work, we are determined to showcase that Bloober Team is climbing the heights of what’s possible and aiming for the peak in game development. We can’t wait for the moment when players will be able to see our work.”

Silent Hill 2 Remake will launch on PlayStation 5 and Steam.

Konami is also releasing three new Silent Hill titles, as well as partnering with Christophe Gans, the director of the first movie, to craft a sequel delving into the story of Silent Hill 2. You can read the original press releases for all of those below.

Silent Hill: Townfall

SILENT HILL: Townfall, is a co-production with renown publisher Annapurna Interactive (Stray, Outer Wilds, Neon White) and multiple BAFTA award-winning independent developer No Code Studios (Stories Untold, Observation). This partnership represents how incredible studios and creatives around the globe will offer a new perspective on the iconic Silent Hill franchise. More details on SILENT HILL: Townfall and KONAMI’s partnership with Annapurna Interactive and No Code Studios will be revealed in the future.

Silent Hill f

SILENT HILL f will be a completely new story set in 1960’s Japan featuring a beautiful, yet horrifying world. Written by Ryūkishi07, famed for Japanese visual novels dealing with murder mysteries, psychological and supernatural horror.

SILENT HILL: Ascension

SILENT HILL: Ascension will immerse participants around the globe in the psychological horror at the heart of SILENT HILL in a unique way – by putting an all-new SILENT HILL story and characters into the hands of the audience as the narrative unfolds, live on multiple platforms.

SILENT HILL: Ascension is a collaboration between Genvid Entertainment, Bad Robot Games, Behaviour Interactive and dj2 Entertainment.

Return to Silent Hill

Christophe Gans, horror-film director and producer known for his work on Beauty and the Beast (2014) and the original SILENT HILL (2006) motion picture will be charged with a new movie adaption in the franchise, “Return to SILENT HILL.” More information on these projects will be revealed at a later date.

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