Today Idea Factory International has updated the Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters official site. You can find details about the Chirper system, combat and customization. There are new character profiles as well.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will launch in Early 2023 for PlayStation 4|5 and PC via Steam.

Here is more information from the press release:


The Goddess Candidate of Planeptune and Neptune’s younger sister. Nepgear is an earnest, hardworking girl, who’s more than a little soft on her older sister.

While investigating an abandoned facility, she was trapped in a sleep capsule and awoke years later to find her homeland in ruins.

In order to take back Planeptune and save Gamindustri, Nepgear and her friends must embark on a harrowing adventure that unravels before them. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes Purple Sister.


A Goddess Candidate of Lastation and the little tsun to Noire’s big tsundere. Uni’s a hard working girl who loves guns.

Like Nepgear, she was trapped in a sleep capsule for several years and now joins her friend’s quest to retake Planeptune.

Uni loves her sister, but Noire’s seemingly indifferent attitude to her return has left her feeling disillusioned and forgotten. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes Black Sister.


The older of Lowee’s twin Goddess Candidates, Rom is Blanc’s younger sister and Ram’s older twin. The ever shy Rom is nervous around strangers and hesitant to speak up.

Like Nepgear and Uni, she was trapped in a sleep capsule for several years and now travels with Nepgear on her quest to retake Planeptune.

Despite her natural timidity, Rom does her best to be courageous and support her friends on and off the battlefield. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes White Sister.

The younger of Lowee’s twin Goddess Candidates and younger sister to both Blanc and Rom. She’s energetic, mischievous, and overflowing with brazen confidence.

Like the others, she was trapped in a sleep capsule for several years and is now working to help Nepgear restore her homeland.

With Rom at her side, Ram faces this harsh, share-depleted reality with an unflinching smile. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes White Sister.


Here is a bit about the new systems from the press release:


Chain Attacks:

Chain attacks allow you to extend your combo by switching character. Plan out a multi-man strategy to maximize your damage and defeat your foes. Successfully chaining attacks is the key to success in battle.

Making effective use of the long chains requires you to be aware of everyone’s skills, moves, and gauges. Knowing how and when to use Combo Skills, Tactical Skills, and Chains will be the deciding factors between victory and defeat.


Disc System


Discs can be equipped to boost stats and abilities in battle. Discs can change the way you fight, extend combos, increase movespeed, and all sorts of other tricks. They open all sorts of tactical possibilities for you!

Up to 4 discs can be equipped per character. Change up your combat style based on your equipped discs!


Chirper (Social Network and Quest System)

Neptunia’s Chirper system is back and better than ever! Using Nepgear’s beloved N-Gear, you can view character’s chirps and receive special requests.

As you progress through the game, you’ll begin to receive requests from the residents of Gamindustri. There are 4 types of requests: defeat, deliver, collect, and rescue, each with their own unique objectives.


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