Atelier Sophie 2 | Sophie Sleeping

While we here at Operation Rainfall love covering the latest in gaming news and sharing our reviews of titles new and classic, we also just enjoy playing games in our downtime. So with that, sit back, relax, and check out what the oprainfall gaming crew have been up to this week!

Atelier Sophie 2 | Sophie Sleeping

I really should’ve said how far into the game I actually was in the previous article. Anyways, as expected, this past week I mostly just played more Atelier Sophie 2. At the very least, I know in last week’s article I had only just started the game a few days before, I might’ve been in the first ruins area. Well this week, I’ve fully filled out my party for the most part. I believe there should be at least one more party character later, but for right now I’ve got Alette, Olias, new Plachta, Diebold and Ramizel, oh plus Sophie of course, our main character. I’m still having quite a bit of fun with the game, I did a lot of exploring and synthesizing and I now have a rain, sun and snow stone for altering the weather in various areas. I just got the snow stone though, so I haven’t fully gotten to explore and try it out yet. I only last night started looking for places to use it. I believe I’ve got Sophie’s alchemy level somewhere between 65 and 69 and Plachta is at around 54; she’s finally past where Sophie started at the beginning of the game. I’m looking forward to exploring more this week, finding places to use that snow stone and continuing to get to know all the characters better. And as a note to myself for next week’s article, we just found out that what we were looking for at the Dream Core wasn’t there and were informed there are actually more Dream Cores. So now the party is headed for the second one which is what we needed the snow weather stone for. – Jenae

RetroGameCon Professor Oak | oprainfall gaming
Professor Oak is a staple cosplayer at RetroGameCon, and he was nice enough to pose for a picture for me!

So this week I didn’t get much gaming in, but I did attend my local gaming convention, RetroGameCon! It was a ton of fun, especially coming back for the first time since the pandemic put everything on hiatus. This is hands down my favorite convention, and not just because it’s in my backyard. Every year has had some pretty stellar guests, and this year was no different. Not only did we have Brian Colin and Warren Davis – absolute legends in the industry – but a bunch of English Genshin Impact voice actors made an appearance, as well as two of my favorite nerdcore rappers, MC Frontalot and Mega Ran. The cosplay this weekend was also stellar, with a ton of folks out and about representing games, manga, anime, and more. Along with the usual cavalcade of vendors, most specializing in retro titles, RetroGameCon also features a massive freeplay area that has pretty much every console under the sun, as well as vintage PCs. My son’s go-to game of the weekend was Catchem on an old AT clone that was probably older than me. There was a living room setup straight out of the ’80s with Super Mario Bros. 3, an entire room of pinball machines, and even tournaments ranging from Duck Hunt to Super Smash Bros. Melee to Rocket League. My favorite panel of the weekend was just a bunch of us with kazoos and we had to play a song to see if the rest of the audience could guess the tune. The convention always has a laid-back feel to it, but coming back for the first time in a couple years felt really energizing and electric. Next week I’ll definitely have some actual gaming to share with everyone, but this weekend was special and I wanted to shout out to the best convention around instead. – Leah

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