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The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting | oprainfall anime

Despite last week’s ominous ending, the good times are still rolling with our yakuza crew. This time it’s Kirishima’s birthday, and Yaeka wants to throw him a party, the same way he threw her one a couple episodes back. There are shenanigans keeping it a secret. But the bulk of this episode is actually a flashback into Sakuragi and Miyuki’s past. As far as meet cutes go, theirs is pretty typical but adorable. Miyuki worked at a flower shop Sakuragi often frequented, and she asked him out on a date to learn more about flower arrangement. They hit it off immediately and it was sweet. I loved it. Back in the future, Kanami remarks how she misses everyone being together the way they are now for Kirishima’s birthday, and how ever since her sister’s accident it feels like everyone is drifting apart. I’ve really enjoyed how the show builds up these characters and their relationships. Unfortunately, Yaeka’s warning still hangs over everything and I’m worried for their futures. – Leah

– You can watch The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting on Crunchyroll.

Lycoris Recoil

oprainfall anime | Lycoris Recoil

This week’s episode starts with Chisato making the decision to close down Cafe LycoReco, so that the other workers, Kurumi and Mizuki, can move on with their lives. We then see the continuation from last week’s episode when Majima confronted Yoshimatsu. Majima learns of Chisato’s circumstances and vows to take down the Alan Institute after dealing with DA. Takina, after some light persuasion, learns that the guns from the smuggling operation back in episode 1 were indeed supplied by the Alan Institute. Majima’s operation at the Enkuboku gets underway while Mika tells Chisato the truth about Yoshimatsu and why he saved her. Before Chisato can head out to Enkuboku, Robota blackmails Chisato into not going with Yoshimatsu’s life in the balance. Chisato and Mika decide to head out and save Yoshimatsu while Takina and Fuki handle the situation at Enkuboku. Majima’s actions make you really wonder who is evil in this series. Should Lycoris really have that much power over what is considered right and wrong? Honestly, they’ve been shady since the beginning, just like the Alan Institute. In regards to Chisato, it was nice seeing her take the truth about Yoshimatsu so well. She didn’t have any drastic changes in character, she just stayed true to herself. It would have been pretty disappointing if Chisato suddenly became all edgy and gloomy, so it was nice to see. I can’t wait to see how Takina and Fuki handle the Enkuboku incident in the next episode, since Chisato isn’t there to back them up this time. All-in-all, another good episode, and once again, I can’t wait to see where this series goes from here. – Patrick

You can watch Lycoris Recoil on Crunchyroll.

Dropkick on My Devil!!! X

Dropkick on My Devil!!! X | Medusa

This week seemingly brought an end to the traveling part of the season. Once Jashin-chan revealed how bad her debt is, Medusa ends up snapping, somewhat. She, more or less, hypnotizes nearly everyone into having a good time as she wants to enjoy as much time as she can with Jashin-chan. This comes from the conclusion that the only way to get out of the debt was some good old fashioned organ selling. As things are looking bad, Jashin-chan gets saved due to some help from another friend, which lets her pay her debt off in a much more manageable way (that she probably will still be unable to do well). We get an extra part at the end with Miku, and the ending theme is replaced with a song featuring her and Jashin-chan. It was an interesting change during this part, but, it’ll be nice to get back to a more normal setting. – Walter


You can watch Dropkick on My Devil!!! X on Crunchyroll.


oprainfall anime | Overlord

The episode picks up right where the last one ended, as Albedo visits the Kingdom. Things do not go well, and war is again declared on them by Ainz. This time he gives them a month to prepare. Ainz is summoned to a talk with some of members from Nazarick. The one we haven’t seen before being Albedo’s sister, Nigredo. While her appearance is unsettling, she ends up one of the most merciful members of Nazarick, as she and one of the maids end up pleading for Ainz to not wipe out everyone in the Kingdom. It’s quite a difference from most of the NPCs we see. I did enjoy the scene where Ainz eats a biscuit, which as a skeleton makes it a bit more difficult. The war starts, and we see that things, of course, do not fair well for the Kingdom. We are shown one city where some experienced adventurers are preparing to help fight. While they are able to put up a fight, things look bad, when they are saved by another adventurer. This one seems somewhat out of place with the theme of the world. He’s able to quickly, and easily, wipe out some of Ainz’s creatures. I’m excited to see where this leads up to, since for the first time in a while, we’ve seen an enemy that might actually be a threat. – Walter

You can watch Overlord on Crunchyroll.

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