Armed Fantasia & Pennyblood

The creators of Wild ARMs and Shadow Hearts have turned to Kickstarter for their newest ventures, launching a joint crowdfunding campaign for Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood, respectively.

Armed Fantasia is a “westernpunk wilderness” RPG that emphasizes exploration and adventure. From the Kickstarter: “Armed Fantasia is founded on a concept that is becoming harder to find in recent games: a gigantic World Map. Race, leap, and solve puzzles, or feel the momentum of crossing the land, sea and air in high-speed vehicles. The World Map of Armed Fantasia will be packed with things to do, beautifully rendered with a unique look not seen in other titles.” Dungeon exploration involves using Gadgets to find your way around obstacles, while battle is turn-based and uses what’s called the Cross Order Tactics system. Music is by Wild ARMs veterans Michiko Naruke and Noriyasu Agematsu. Overall game design and scenario writer is Akifumi Kaneko and character designer is Tomomi Sasaki.

Penny Blood drops players into 1920’s New York in a brooding, horror-mystery RPG. From the Kickstarter: “From busy streets to haunting sanitariums, delve into beautifully detailed field maps as you purchase items paramount to your quest, investigate supernatural happenings, and battle stygian monstrosities.” Take part in hybrid turn-based strategy fights, embracing the darkness within through the Fusion system to call upon the abyss to fight with your own monsters. Music is by Shadow Hearts veteran Hirota Yoshitaka and Breath of Fire 3 veteran Akari Kaida. Overall game design and scenario writer is Matsuzo Machida and charcter designer is Miyako Kato. SHADE Inc has also joined the production team.

Armed Fantasia & Penny Blood

As this is a joint Kickstarter, you can pledge for either Armed Fantasia, Penny Blood, or both. From the Kickstarter:

This campaign uses three meters; one for Armed Fantasia, one for Penny Blood, and the Combo Meter. If fans pledge for one game (or both!), that game’s specific stretch goal meter will fill based on the value of that pledge and unlock new content, just like in other campaigns.

But unlike other campaigns, fans pledges will also add to the Combo Meter for the same value, slowly unlocking new content for BOTH games. So by simply backing the game(s) you want to support, you’ll be helping to add to two great games and supporting other backers too!

As of writing, the Kickstarter has been live for approximately 12 hours and made $494,500 toward a $721,578 goal. The campaign ends Sep 29.

Leah McDonald
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