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We here at oprainfall don’t just love video games: we’re big fans of anime, too. So in celebration of the medium, we’re here to give you our thoughts on what we’ve been watching each week as we watch it. Old, new – anything goes.

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Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting

Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting | oprainfall anime

It’s been a pretty hectic week for me, so I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and watch as much as I would like, but I at least got in my weekly viewing of Yakuza’s Guide. It’s my comfy show and it definitely helps de-stress – even when it’s laying down massive feels about a side character we’ve only met once before. Aoi was the Sakuragi Family lieutenant before Kirishima, and we get to see how and why he ended up leaving the Family a little over seven years ago, shortly after Yaeka was born. As Kirishima’s “big brother,” Aoi often had to chase after the younger, more hot-headed yakuza, and it often put him in danger. This danger caused Aoi’s wife no end of anxiety and strife, and even though she tried to hide it for his sake, it eventually took its toll on her to the point where Aoi had to leave if he wanted to keep her safe. For being about yakuza, this show never ceases to be incredibly wholesome, especially where families are involved, and this episode was no different. Yaeka also has the chance to make a new friend at school, and it’s nice to see her coming more and more out of her shell. Too bad about the ominous ending then. Thanks a lot, comfy show (I jest, I love it). – Leah

– You can watch The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting on Crunchyroll.

Lycoris Recoil

oprainfall Anime | Lycoris Recoil

This week’s episode starts off right where we left off, Takina rushing to save Chisato from Mr. Yoshi’s assistant. Unfortunately, Takina doesn’t make it in time, and Chisato’s artificial heart is sabotaged. We learn that Chisato, due to the heart losing its recharge function, only has 2 months left to live. It also turns out, even before the sabotage, that Chisato was living on borrowed time. The artificial heart was only supposed to last until Chisato reached adulthood, what the nurse did only quickened the process. Takina receives an invitation to return to DA in order to participate in a mission to take down Majima. Takina relents at first, but decides to go through with it in the hopes of finding out more about Chisato’s artificial heart. Takina takes Chisato around the town during her last day with Cafe LycoReco and is now determined to rejoin DA and join the operation. At the end, we see Majima confront Mr. Yoshi. It’s heartbreaking what’s happening to Chisato. She’s one of my favorite characters of this season, and to see her life get snatched away from her like this just maddens and saddens me at the same time. Seeing how close Takina has gotten to Chisato over the course of the series is just touching to see. At first, Takina was distant, but now she and Chisato are the best of friends. I’m hoping she’ll be able to pull off a miracle for Chisato, but the chances look grim. I know Majima is seen as an antagonist, but I hope he give Mr. Yoshi what he deserves for what he’s doing to Chisato. This episode was good, but definitely darker than past episodes. This series is still great and I can’t wait for next week. – Patrick

– You can watch Lycoris Recoil on Crunchyroll.

Dropkick on My Devil!!! X

Dropkick on My Devil!!! X

The tour around the country continues this week with the location being Nagasaki. Like the previous episodes, it puts some spotlight on certain local things to try and see. Following Lierre, Jashin-chan gets thrown to an island where she meets the spirits of some local historical figures. Unfortunately for them, they resemble the angels Jashin-chan knows. The one who looks like Pekola is basically given her role. To bring in another member of the cast of characters, Mei appears and saves Jashin-chan from her debt collectors. This leads to another plot from Jashin-chan where she dresses up and attempts to start an uprising similar to what had happened on the island in the past. This, like always, fails and Jashin-chan is punished. Miku’s appearance this time was a short section with her playing in the water. It was an episode which like the last few was decent, though I’m curious to see how much longer they want to run with this traveling angle. – Walter

– You can watch Dropkick on My Devil!!! X on Crunchyroll.



This episode was heavily focused on the Re-Estize Kingdom, with how the royal family is attempting to deal with Ainz’s kingdom. While they seemingly find a way to somehow coexist, things go wrong – in this case, the noble who is smitten with Albedo decides to actually attack the caravans from Ainz’s kingdom. We see Hilma, who has had barely any appearances since the second season, become a focus. We can see all the guardians, especially Albedo, want some sort of punishment for her. Luckily for her, Ainz sees she had no part in the attacks and fairly says she is innocent and to be released. It was nice to see this from him and poking holes into Albedo’s thoughts on the matter. We also see that Hilma has become more loyal to him. The visit from Albedo to the kingdom at the end, and the suggestion made by the king, will make the next episode interesting. – Walter

– You can watch Overlord on Crunchyroll.

Call of the Night

Call of the Night | oprainfall anime

I started this series and got a few episodes in. It follows Ko, a student who has stopped going to school and has insomnia. One night as he walks around he meets a girl named Nazuna. She is quite interesting and Ko ends up following her and finds out she is a vampire. He ends up deciding to continue to meet up with Nazuna, and after learning more about vampires, decides that he would like to become one. So far with what I watched, I don’t particularly care for Ko that much. His character for me isn’t really that interesting. This though is very much made up for with Nazuna. She’s a great character and has some good comedic moments. The addition of more characters does help change things up a bit too. I would say that the series is worth a try and I’ll try and keep up with it. – Walter

– You can watch Call of the Night on HiDive.

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