Today Ninetail have announced the Kickstarter date for their latest international release in the VenusBlood franchise.  The Kickstarter for VenusBlood GAIA International will begin on August 1st 2022 at 3pm JST and will run until August 31st 2022, 3pm JST.

They also announced a demo for the game will be hosted on the JAST Store. This demo will show off the new Dungeon Defense style gameplay.

From the JAST store page:

The island of Palastra has fallen from it’s golden age. The land is dying, birthrates have reached an all-time low, and the people are desperate. On the cusp of disaster, a new energy source, Ether, is discovered by Theofrad, the Archduke of Energeia. It stands to give the island nation a real chance at rejuvenating itself, but the Holy Dragon Empire Granlyed declares it heresy, and declares a holy war on Energia. Theofrad is outmatched and outnumbered, but with his wit, his technology, and a few new allies, can he overcome the odds and save his city? Or is Energeia doomed to fall at the hands of the Empire?

Unlike previous VenusBlood titles, GAIA eschews the battle system you may be familiar with in favor of a Dungeon Defense style of encounter. You set up your squads from a huge number of playable characters, and then hold the line against the enemy!

But while the combat system may be a little different, much of the core features are the same that fans love about the VenusBlood franchise! A massive number of heroines to recruit to your party, in-depth party customization, intense strategy-focused battles, and even the return of the large-scale battalion battles of HOLLOW!

Steve Baltimore
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