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NekoNyan Anime Central 2022 | Announcement Preview

It’s announcement season and NekoNyan took Anime Central 2022 by storm! To clarify, while you were probably sleeping, the company had their first industry panel. In this very panel they announced a plethora of upcoming stories on top of their existing upcoming projects. This’ll be your one-stop shop to see everything that came out of Live Events 16. Please make sure to take a quick visit to the NekoNyan twitter and show your support to the hardworking company. Now onto the news! It’s a lot to take in, and it all makes me sad that I can’t go to Anime Central 2022 to see this all in person.

NekoNyan Anime Central 2022 | First Title

The first announcement is an Ensemble project! Get ready for Secret Agent of the Knight Academy!

Our protagonist, Mikage Jin, comes from a family of ninjas that have been responsible for national security since the Edo era.

Since childhood, Jin has undergone ninja training in order to follow in the footsteps of his secret agent mother.

He’s been ordered to infiltrate Touka Academy in order to investigate a series of incidents perpetrated by someone who claims to be the “Bat.”

After successfully infiltrating the academy with his AI partner Momoka, he manages to carry out his mission without arousing suspicions, all the while deepening his friendship with his classmate Kanon Mayfield, the knight Shirogane Kagura, captain Renjouji Mai, and underclassman.

However, due to an unfortunate accident, Jin’s identity is exposed to Kanon. Normally, this would mean certain failure for his mission, however…

“Please make me a ninja!” she says.

Will Jin still be able to complete his mission?

NekoNyan Anime Central 2022 | Second Title

The second announcement is a bit unusual for NekoNyan, but it’s special nonetheless. From the one-man dev team Shimenwa, it’s Lorena and the Land of Ruins!

Lorena became an adventurer for the sake of her sister, who is afflicted with a rare and expensive to cure disease. Hoping to earn enough money to save her sister, she soon meets an eccentric scientist, Xeera, who is researching The Divine Dragon, an ancient relic that once flew in the sky. Together they aim to revive The Divine Dragon and uncover its, and other relics, ancient secrets.

NekoNyan Anime Central 2022 | Third Title

We’re not done yet, there’s a third announcement! From the developers of the best visual novel of last year, Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche, comes Floral Flowlove!

*Mihato Kano* may be his childhood friend, but she’s the most blue-blooded girl in school! She hits him with her love beam every day, but this flower’s beyond his reach.

Her friend, *Tokisaka Nanao*, is a black-haired beauty who could be a real model. She’s so cold that people call her the aloof angel.

*Adelheid von Bergstrasse* is a real-life princess! People say she sings like an angel, but her laziness can be a handful.

*Tsubaki Kohane* is a devout Christian. She’s got the personality of an angel, but Masataka thinks he’s unworthy of her.

…Huh? Suddenly, I’m close to all of them?!

But perhaps that’s fate. He has his own little secret, after all.

If he looks carefully, he can see wings.

When another’s heart is benevolent, he sees angel wings.

When they’re malicious, he sees devil wings.

It all started when he was a little boy…

When he first encountered an angel.

NekoNyan Anime Central 2022 | Fourth Title

Saga Planets isn’t done just yet. They have a second title coming over in English! Furthermore, this one’s their newest title. Say hello to Kakenuke Seishun Sparking!

The protagonist, Yuu Tono, is a second-year at Kazami Academy. He’s at that age that falls right at the apex of one’s youth and adolescence.

But…”Youth? What’s that? I’m busy with my part-time job.”

He’s a hyper-realist who sacrifices his youth for his part-time job. He cleverly traverses his studies, and spends all of his time at work to earn money.

Hibiki, his childhood friend who refuses to stand by and watch, and Riri, a classmate who looks up to Yuu as her master, try to get him to join certain clubs and change his life.

Hibiki recommends the “Activity Club,” or “Act Club” for short, comprised of lively girls with the slogan, “Let’s enjoy our youth and have tons of fun at school!”

Riri recommends the “Volunteer Club,” nicknamed the “Negative Club,” comprised of diligent girls with the slogan, “Let’s devote our precious youth to making the world a better place.” Both clubs relentlessly try to recruit Yuu.

“I’m not interested in either. I don’t even need a youth in the first place.”

The girls drag Yuu all around day after day without any concern for what he wants─

Why in the world did things turn out this way?

“Isn’t that obvious?”

“Get ready, Senpai. It’s high time you enjoyed your youth!”

Just what kind of “youth” awaits Yuu Tono?!

NekoNyan Anime Central 2022 | Fifth Title

The penultimate announcement comes from fan-favorite Asa Project! This release follows the 2020 release of Koikari: Love for Hire. Welcome to Ren’ai X Royal!

I, transfer student Hanamaru Mari, love you, Komachi Hiro-kun! Please go out with me!

Our protag, Komachi Hirotaka. Every day, he goes through the motions– dodging his cunning underclassman’s advances, accidentally hitting on the student council president, and chasing idols.

But one day, he gets a sudden confession!

With that one declaration, she sparks a blaze of conflict around the protagonist, thawing his long-frozen heart.

How could you cast me aside and get all lovey-dovey, flirty-dirty with some random woman~!?

Do I mean nothing to you now!?

Senpai… Renna will listen to anything you say, okay?

There can only be one reason why Nii-san won’t love me: those harpies swarming around him. Right?

Unbeknownst to the protagonist, sparks fly as the girls engage in a battle royale over his engagement.

All is fair in love and war, doubly so in a love war! But who will the goddess of victory smile upon in the end?

There can only be one!

There’s one more announcement, but it deserves its own piece for the magnitude. Make sure to let us know in the comments which story are you looking forward to the most from this Anime Central 2022 announcement batch!

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