Title Seven Pirates H
Developer Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Felistella
Publisher EastAsiaSoft
Release Date May 12th, 2022
Genre RPG
Platform Nintendo Switch
Age Rating Mature
Official Website

I’ve loved the Genkai Tokki series ever since Monster Monpiece released here in the West. The series switched up the card battling mechanics with the next two releases of Moero Chronicles and Moero Crystal. These two entries were dungeon crawlers, and I had a ton of fun with both of these as well. The latest entry in this series to make its way West, Seven Pirates H, changes up the gameplay yet again. This title is more of a traditional Idea Factory / Compile Heart RPG with over the top characters, lots of exploration and, of course, good old turn-based combat. There is, per the usual with this series, a very interesting ecchi minigame, and they really amped up their game there. Let’s dig into this one and see how it stacks up to the previous releases.

Seven Pirates H Parute | ashore

The story here begins as a young pirate named Parute washes ashore on an unfamiliar island. She awakens to find a strange and perverted creature we all know as Otton. Armed with her mysterious compass, Parute sets out with her perverted friend to find the seven treasures of the Monsupi Sea. She will gain a few companions along the way, such as the flaky but cute Wattle, the very shy and cute Poron, the Succubus Saqra, and more. While Otton may be a huge pervert, he possesses one major skill, he can help girls improve their skills through “Booby Training.” Can the girls find the treasures and defeat a major enemy that threatens the very soul of Monsupi Sea? Time will tell.

Seven Pirates H | Pain

While the story here wasn’t anything super deep like most stories found in Idea Factory releases, it was very entertaining. The girls’ interactions as friends, at times frenemies, is very entertaining. Add in Otton’s over the top perviness and some Booby Kin, and you got yourself one good time here. I do feel that some of the characters really didn’t have time to shine as well as they should’ve due to this entry in the series being a little on the short side. There is plenty of meat here at the 16 hours of game time needed for the true ending. But, I can’t help but feel that adding a few more events for each girl would’ve made me feel like I had gotten to know them a bit better.

Seven Pirates | Booby Training

There are a couple of main parts to the gameplay of this one. Parute and her crew will sail around the Monsupi Sea looking for clues to find the seven treasures. You will have to complete requests from the Booby Kin in order to find maps that unlock the rest of the sea. Most islands can be explored without the crew ever setting foot on them. The others will have the girls fighting H monsters in various locations, and these will end in traditional Idea Factory fashion with an event marker. As usual, you gain items, H extract, and gold as you defeat your enemies. When you acquire enough H extract with each girl, you are given an item that allows you to boost your stats in the “Booby Training” minigame.

Seven Pirates Parute | Swim Suit

During the “Booby Training” minigame, you can change the shape and size of each girls’ breasts. This is done with either the touch screen or with some simple button combinations on the controller. I found they both work just as well, but don’t use a cheap third party Switch controller. The one I have works good for most things, but is not precise enough to tweak these lovely pirates’ boobs. The crew will gain stats depending on how you alter their breast parameters. The bigger boobs will gain them more attack but they’ll lose agility, making them slower. Girls with wider cleavage will gain more agility while the ones with narrower cleavage will gain more defense. This plays out the same way for each of the six parameters you can adjust. So, if you go in thinking bigger is always better or flat is always justice, you might want to give that a second thought for balancing out your party.

Seven Pirates H | Plot or Justice

Combat here is a turn-based affair, but there are some other mechanics at work here as well. The girls will have to use MP in order to perform the various skills they have at their disposal. After each successful attack, or when they take damage, this MP is generated. If you have stocked up 100 MP, the party member will become excited. This will give some stat boosts and allow some of their skills to have extra effects. If you allow their MP to grow to 200, they will become aroused. During this state you will gain a further stats boost, negative statuses will be nullified, and you’ll have access to each of their very powerful special moves. This lasts for five turns, and then the girls will be worn out and go into a sedated state for a few rounds to recover. If you get into a tough battle, you can always find your crew some new bras to give them some better skills, or better panties for some stat boosts.

Seven Pirates H | Egg I Promise

Graphically, Seven Pirates H looks great. Character models are nicely detailed, and it was great to see some of my favorite H Monsters from the previous games rendered in full 3D. You can even view all the characters and monsters in the library, if you want to take a closer look at them. The environments are all nicely done with plenty of details. From lush forests to fiery volcanoes, there are a good amount of places you visit, and each one feels unique. The animations are very smooth and the game runs at a solid framerate on the Switch with no dips that I could see during my playtime.

Seven Pirates H | Saqra

In the sound department, this one is pretty average. The music for each area is pretty upbeat and fits the theme of exploration pretty well. The battle themes are all great and get you pumped up to fight off all the baddies that stand in your way. The voice acting here is top notch. The Japanese cast does a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. You can tell this crew went the extra mile during the minigame segments, and I would suggest a pair of headphones unless you want to share the girls titillation with those around you.

Seven Pirates H | Win

Overall, Seven Pirates H is a solid release for EastAsiaSoft. There is a great story here with some fun characters, a unique and spicy minigame for fans to enjoy, and the combat is solid as well. The only thing I feel holds this back is its length. I would’ve liked a few more hours with the girls just to flesh out their personalities a bit more. If you liked the previous releases in this series, this is well worth your coin at the $39.99 price tag. Players wanting to jump into these fan service filled beauties are in luck as well, since you need no prior knowledge of the previous releases to have a great time here. Hopefully, if this games does well for EastAsiaSoft, they will consider bringing over the last game in this series, Castles Panzers, at some point down the line.

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