Title Evenicle 2
Developer Alicesoft
Publisher Alicesoft
Release Date February 22nd, 2022
Genre Eroge, RPG
Platform PC
Age Rating 18+
Official Website

It’s been a few years since the first Evenicle released here in the West. The game received a ton of praise from eroge fans for its wonderful art, great cast of characters and solid RPG gameplay. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to get my hands on its sequel, Evenicle 2, as soon as possible. The game follows another group of over the top characters in another world created by Eve. The question is, will this journey be as good as the first one? Let’s find out!

Evenicle 2 | Yuragi

The story here takes place in a world filled with monsters. The humans have no power to fight back against these foul creatures, but some are born with the power to use skills. These people are known as “Sentinels,” and they use their powers to defend the people in this world. These skills come with a horrible cost, however, the Hero Syndrome. This horrible curse will make the users sick with horrible diseases repeatedly, the more they use these skills. Most just accepted their fate until a young doctor named Alex from a rural town discovered he could use the forgotten skill “Medica.” Some saw this skill as nothing more than perverted nonsense, and Alex is certainly a huge perv, but he could not only suppress the symptoms of this horrible disease, but through some sexual healing, he could actually create a drug to eliminate it altogether. The young doctor will soon set out on a quest with a couple of the first wives in his harem to save the world, but an organization hell bent on making the “Hero Syndrome” flourish will fight them tooth and nail along the way.

Evenicle 2 | Combat

I have to say, the story here is one of the best I’ve read in a while. It has a wonderful cast of characters, plenty of lore to keep you interested in the world, and there is also a great balance of serious moments and humor. The first girl Alex will meet for his soon to be harem is Yuragi. She comes to his village because she has given up on fighting the “Hero Syndrome.” Alex soon restores her will to fix it and cures her illness with his talented healing. She is a very strong willed girl and has a very interesting sense of what is indecent and what is not. He will soon encounter Kano, the noble woman of this land. She is the tsundere of the group and gets embarrassed pretty easily. She accepts that Alex is huge pervert, and though she might smack him around if he gets too out of line, she loves him with all her heart. Platina is a half dragon girl that is very petite and adorable. She acts very innocent most of the time, but she doesn’t understand all the customs of the human world. This leads her to so some pretty perverted things at inappropriate times. She is a true sweetheart that you will want to protect from the moment you meet her. Lastly we have Charlotte, she is an archaeologist that went to school with both Yuragi and Kano. She has a very unique personality and to avoid spoilers we will leave it at that, but when you meet her she will leave an impression on you.

Evenicle 2 | Desire

Alex will encounter many other girls outside of the main characters here that will become his wives as well. You will get to know all of your wives better through the wife events you can unlock as the story progresses. This was a great way to do this since it let all of the amazing side characters shine as well. I loved each and every one of them, though Charlotte’s sister, Emilia, is probably my favorite. I mean, she is a cute NEET that is given to you by her sister for a purpose. Viewing these events is not only entertaining, but it will give you lots of stat bonuses and amazing items to use as well.

Evenicle 2 | Struggle

Evenicle 2 not only has a great story, but it is a great turn based RPG as well. Alex and his wives will have to traverse the world, fighting many random encounters along the way. Each character has a variety of skills they equip as you either earn them through combat or find them in chests. Some of these skills offer new attacks that will damage certain classes of enemies, others may do elemental damage or infect a status effect. There is also a wide range of passive skills each character has for some nice permanent buffs.

Evenicle 2 | Emilia

Alex and his group can also purchase new equipment from each town you visit. This includes weapons, armor and accessories. You can also use the inn in each town to regain your HP and MP, the level up shop if it’s time to gain levels, or the hospice to take care of any girls with illnesses. Another piece of equipment you should look out for are the Gal Monsters. Yuguri can capture these when they are low on health once she acquires the net skill. These provide a range of stat boosts and buffs for your party, so finding the right ones will help you progress much easier.

Evenicle 2 | DePussy

Graphically, I love the art style of Evenicle 2. Some of the art was done by Senran Kagura artist Yaegashi Nan and if you’re a fan of that series, you see it right off the bat. The game has a ton of great H-Scenes with very high quality CG work. Most of these scenes are vanilla in nature since Alex even proclaims he is a very vanilla guy. Unlike the first game that was localized by MangaGamer, Alicesoft has decided to leave the mosaic censorship. It is very lightly done here, but it would’ve been better if they allowed someone to uncensor this version of the game. Though, in the end they aren’t distracting, so I can live with this.

Evenicle 2 | Charlotte

The soundtrack here is pretty good with plenty of upbeat tunes for exploration, some quirky tracks for the humorous moments and a few somber songs for emotional moments. The sound effects are pretty plain, but I do think the sound of the Hannies busting to pieces is quite satisfying after a hard battle with them! The voice acting is where this title really shines. The amazing voice cast here really brings all of these girls to life and you can tell the team put a lot of effort into their work here.

Evenicle 2 | Tiddy Demon

Overall, Evenicle 2 is just simply a ton of fun. It has a unique cast of characters you want to know more about instantly, great gameplay, quality voice acting and a ton of quality H-Scenes for the eroge fans out there. You can turn on a Streamer Mode and block these scenes if you wish and still get the full text. The localization here is pretty good and I felt the team kept the tone of the game most of the time. There are a couple of spots I felt seemed a bit out of place and a few typos here and there, but nothing major. If you were a fan of the first game or you want to get into to this great franchise for the first time, there is no better place to start than here. You need no knowledge of the first game to enjoy this one. Now if you will excuse me, I must help Yuragi achieve her greatest dream and bust every Hanney into bits!

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