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Love After World Domination

Love After World Domination at home with the cat

Coming off of them starting a relationship, Desumi and Fudo continue to try and hide it from others. Once again there is a close call, and Fudo gets asked about if he was seeing anyone – something that of course is a hard to thing to answer in his situation, as Desumi is basically right behind him. This eventually leads to the two going on a real date, and not one of their meetings during a battle. As it was mentioned before by others, Fudo is very inexperienced in this field and sets up a date. He ends up planning things that mainly focus on fitness, something we see he is very big on. It’s something that you probably could guess Desumi wasn’t expecting. The last part of the episode changes things up a bit with the point of view of Desumi’s previously mentioned cat. I think the show is doing things well still, and can’t wait for some of the other characters to get more time. – Walter

– You can watch Love After World Domination on Crunchyroll.

Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer!

Don't Hurt Me, My Healer! Not a good wink

In a somewhat standard looking fantasy world, it starts off with a little narration mentioning the importance of healers. It then switches to an adventurer named Alvin as he begins a fight with a monster. As he’s having trouble, a dark elf named Carla appears. While this normally would be the part where she would help him in winning the fight, Carla is not what he probably was expecting. She’s pretty rude and says things such as for him to get on his knees to beg for her healing (which is hard to do as he is just barely holding back a bear-like monster). The series is a comedy, and it comes very quickly with her insults and the fact the bear and Alvin take a break from fighting so he can confront her. The two bicker in a way which leads to Alvin becoming even more frustrated and Carla revealing she wants to form a party. Carla attempts to give support, but ends up cursing Alvin. I would say how much you would like this series depends on whether or not you like Carla’s personality and limited usefulness at times. Alvin doesn’t really stand out too much other than being the target of Carla. I would actually say the best character in this first episode is Mostly the bear who – while just previously fighting Alvin – ends up trying to help the two. The ending reveals a number of upcoming characters which I think is a good thing since I think just having Alvin and Carla together might get a bit tiring, at least with how it was going in this episode. I did enjoy the gags regarding how Mostly speaks and some of the things Carla said. It’s only the first episode, so this could go either way in the next few episodes. – Walter

– You can watch Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer! on Crunchyroll.


SPY x FAMILY | Yor and Anya

This episode we are introduced to the mother of this eccentric family, Yor. Yor works as a civil servant, but like the other two members of the Forger family, Loid and Anya, she has a secret. She is an assassin. Yor is a certifiable badass, but she is pretty gullible. I can’t believe she actually bought Loid’s ridiculous excuses for why they were getting attacked. Yor is really dedicated to her younger brother and she worked hard to support him. So, I’m interested in seeing if that familial devotion will translate to her relationships with Loid and Anya. The events leading up to their eventual meeting were pretty funny, especially the one’s involving Loid’s colleague and Anya. That colleague does not make a good mother, let me say that much. The mission to take down a smuggling ring was also a blast. Also, props to Anya and her ability for pushing Yor and Loid to get together, that was a clutch move, even if it was just so her life would get more exciting. Loid and Yor are both oblivious to the other’s real profession, so I wonder how long they will be able to keep their occupations a secret from each other. This show has been a blast so far. The animation is solid, the characters are fun, and Anya is adorable. I can’t wait for next week’s mission. – Patrick

Ah, finally the opening animation! I love the stylistic choices here, with Anya’s family time in a super adorable cartoony style and then going back on model for the actual action. Song’s a bop, too. As for the actual episode, I cannot get over how stupidly naive Yor is and just how endearing it makes her. While her and Loid being together is a situation of circumstance, their scene at the party was legitimately touching. I love how quickly and casually Loid can think of a cover (even if it’s a shitty cover, in this case), but still sell it so believably well. I do wonder how Yor hasn’t been caught yet with only the one dress, though! I can’t wait to see how the family dynamic here plays out now that she’s officially joined the Forger household. – Leah

– You can watch SPY x FAMILY on Crunchyroll.

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