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The time has come and so have I as Uchikano: Living With My Sister is finally coming. The sequel to one of the most wholesome visual novels of last year is right around the corner. As such, MangaGamer has opened the flood gates allowing fans of the romance series to go ahead and pre-order. Experience the magic of the Uchikano romance story, this time with the wonderful sibling as the main heroine. Readers of the first entry will be very familiar with her charismatic personality, and even if you aren’t familiar she’s sure to be a breath of fresh air.  You can head on over to MangaGamer’s page for the title right here. Uchikano: Living With My Sister will cost $22.45 and it’s sure to be worth every penny. Plan ahead and let’s read some wholesome romance together! More details below.


So what is Uchikano – Living With My Sister about?

Upon finally settling into the monotony of his daily nine to five, Keisuke’s bachelor cave existence is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of his little sister Riho, declaring that she was moving in. Apparently, their parents were dealing with a particularly aggressive stomach virus, and with Riho cramming for her entrance exams, Keisuke’s apartment was the only place left where she could study in peace. Now, out of their parents’ watchful gaze, walls begin to come down as Keisuke starts to understand just what “a little sister’s blessing” means to him.

Want more Uchikano? Please consider checking out my spoiler-free review of the first game right over here. What do you think of Uchikano? Are you going to be pre-ordering? Let us know in the comments below!

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