Gal*Gun Double Peace | Maya
Title Gal*Gun: Double Peace
Developer Inti Creates
Publisher PQube Games
Release Date March 17th, 2022
Genre Rail Shooter
Platform Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Age Rating Mature
Official Website

It’s been while since I visited the world of Gal*Gun: Double Peace. I had a blast with this one when I played it on PC when it released back in back in 2016. The game has finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch with an all new opening. This completes the trilogy of pheromone action on the console! The big question is, how does this version stack up to the others? Let’s find out!

Gal Gun Double Peace | Angel

Here is just a quick bit about the story before we dig into the meat of this review. A young boy named Houdai is shot by the cupid angel Ekoro. She gave him a stupidly overpowered shot and he becomes immensely popular and suddenly every girl at the academy becomes hot for him. While that may sound like every guy’s dream, this soon turns into nightmare for him as the girls pound him with love letters, step on his various parts, and other crazy acts. To make matters worse, he must find his true love by the end of the day or this will become permanent! Which lovely girl will Houdai choose as his one and only? Time will tell.

Gal Gun Double Peace | CG

For those who have never picked up a Gal*Gun title, they are rail shooters in which you shoot thirsty girls with a pheromone gun to give ecstasy. Yes, these games are very ecchi, but if you’re into this sort of thing they are a lot of fun. There are several different stages to play depending on which girl’s affection you chose to go for. You can buy upgrades at the in-game shop and getting a nice score is a must if you want to see the true endings. There are some other goodies and collectibles to find along the way as well. If you want a more in depth look at gameplay, you can check out our review of the Steam version.

Gal Gun Double Peace | Maya

As for this Nintendo Switch release, the game runs very well on the console. I am not sure what frame rate this is running at, but it is very consistent. I didn’t notice any drops or hitches in my five or so hours of gameplay. I don’t think this version looks quite as good as the PC release, but it is very close. I had to look pretty hard to spot any difference at all, and if you’re playing handheld, these small issues disappear completely.

Gal Gun Double Peace | Gameplay

This release of Gal*Gun: Double Peace contains most of the DLC from the previous release in the base game. This means you start off with a ton of outfits and accessories for the girls. I didn’t realize just how many costumes there were in this game until I played this release, since I bought some of the DLC for the other versions, but never all of it. The only thing I noticed missing was the famous $89 Pheromone-Z DLC, but there is an item you can buy late game that has basically the same effect.

Gal Gun Double Peace | Shinobu

Overall, I felt this was a wonderful Nintendo Switch port. The game runs great, the graphics are good and the inclusion of all the DLC at the $35.99 price tag with the launch discount for this whole package is a great deal. It only takes a few hours to complete one run of Gal*Gun: Double Peace, but there is a lot of replay value here in seeing the story bits for each of the girls, unlocking all the hidden goodies the game has to offer, and there is even a score attack for those looking to challenge their personal best. PQube and Inti Creates have done a great service to Switch gamers by porting the last of this amazing franchise to their console. This gives them a chance to experience the entire Gal*Gun saga for themselves! Now if you will excuse me, there is a cute angel from the first game I must hunt!

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