It’s that time once again for us to rundown the latest the Nintendo eShop has to offer in this week’s Nintendo Download. Gamers can earn up to 10% more in Gold Coins with select Nintendo Digital purchases. This can be used toward your next digital purchase or to snag up some DLC. There are some great releases this week on the eShop as well, so let’s dig into those now.

PQube Games MAGLAM LORD will release tomorrow. Here you will face off in fast paced battles in order to bring your species from the brink of extinction. Play as a male or female Killizzerk, the Demon Lord of Swords who, after losing their power. Craft hundreds of weapons and customize them in order to slay your foes and complete your quest!

Next up we have one of the strangest Shmups I’ve seen in a long time, Arcade Archives PISTOL DAIMYO NO BOUKEN. This one was released by NAMCO in 1990, and players will control the young lord “PISTOL DAIMYO” on an adventure as he battles, spirits and evildoers.

Idea Factory International’s Death end re;Quest 2 will be launching on the eShop on Tuesday. In this sequel you will follow a girl named Mai that has had some very unfortunate events unfold. At a new school, in a strange town mysterious events begin to happen, as she searches for her sister that is missing.

Here is a full list of titles releasing this week:

That’s all for this week, come back next week and we will once again explore the world of Nintendo eShop releases!

Steve Baltimore
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