JAST has released the latest work from Minato Carnival World, Kurokami-sama’s Feast. The story here follows a young manga artist named Domaru who is just trying to survive after his work was discontinued. He joins a group dedicated to learning about spirits to discover materials for his next story. The tale of Kurokami-sama really stands out to him, and his curiosity gets the best of him. Soon he encounters the REAL Kurokami-sama, and she spares his life on the condition he hunt down the other yokai, slay them, and bring them back to her. Will Domaru survive his quest, or will Kurokami-sama grow tired of him and put him six feet under?

Here is more about the the gameplay from JAST’s store page:

Kurokami-sama is a powerful being, shrouded in mystery, who has cursed you with the duty to hunt the otherworldly monsters that lurk in the dark corners of Tokyo. On your journey, you will meet a wide variety of supernatural entities from creatures of urban legends to beasts of ancient folklore.

During your hunt for these monsters you’ll have access to a parameter called “spiritual energy” which can be used to read minds or launch devastating attacks. The player will have to decide when to strategically use this limited ability to overcome the obstacles and battles that you may face. Complete your tasks and you’ll be rewarded, but Kurokami-sama can be as cruel as she is beautiful. It would be unwise to get on her bad side.

Kurokami-sama’s Feast is an adventure visual novel with mystery and danger around every corner. Players will explore the streets of Japan in search of clues to find the monsters that live among us. The cast of characters are brought to life with stunning artwork accompanied by a heart-pumping original musical score; with a memorable story by writer Takahiro, known for his work on Akame ga Kill, Majikoi, and Release the Spyce.

The player’s choices have real consequences that affect the outcome of the story. Will you find the monsters and please Kurokami-sama, or disobey her will and face her wrath? With multiple endings to experience, you’ll want to replay the game to unlock them all.


You can purchase Kurokami-sama’s Feast on JAST, Steam or GOG for a mere $11.69. This price includes a launch discount.

Steve Baltimore
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