Dead End Aegis: Gaiden has been released on Steam for free by JAST. While this is a stand alone title it does serve as the prologue for the their upcoming release of Dead End Aegis. This title comes to us from developer metalogiq, and tells how humanity’s first encounter with alien beings was far from peaceful.

From the Steam Page:

Humanity’s first contact with aliens was far from peaceful, and now these hostile monsters from another galaxy are coming for the destruction of Earth. Every attempt to push back the advancing waves has been met with tremendous losses, as conventional weapons are practically useless against these invaders. Now in humanity’s darkest hour, there is a new beacon of hope in the form of Special Warfare Troopers, known to some as just “magical girls”.

Dead End Aegis: Gaiden follows the origin of these unlikely heroes as three soldiers, stationed near Mars as part of the United Earth Forces, find themselves imbued with incredible superpowers! Join Lisette, Circe, and Canxue as they journey from the smoldering ruins of humanity’s Martian colonies to become mankind’s last hope against an unstoppable alien threat. The story unfolds through visual novel style gameplay, where the story unfolds through a manga-like presentation, with fully-voiced characters and beautiful 2D artwork.


  • Memorable sci-fi story

  • Linear “kinetic” visual novel style gameplay

  • Interesting characters

  • Great music

  • Beautiful artwork

Dead End Aegis is up for pre-order now in the JAST Store for $29.99, and will release on January 7th, 2022

Steve Baltimore
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