CORRECTION / UPDATE: The new CGs are from the original PC release not the PlayStation 4 release. Sekai has announced there will be no “official” patch to restore these images, but the physical copies will not be affected by the changes.

Sekai Project has announced they had to use three alternative CG images for the release of Rewrite+ on Steam. I guess Valve’s ever changing set of rules have gotten so strict, an All Ages game doesn’t get past them these days. The alternate images come from the PlayStation 4 version of Rewrite+ and you can compare them down below.

Sekai Project is offering refunds to anyone who doesn’t find this change acceptable, which you can find out more on in the Kickstarter update. There is no word on if Rewrite+ will be appearing on other platforms, if there will be a restoration patch for these images, or if the physical copies will be affected by this change.

Steve Baltimore
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