Ninetail has launched a new Kickstarter project for the fantastic VenusBlood Franchise. This time they are looking to localize the three fan discs for VenusBlood FRONTIER. These discs include extra stories for Goddesses we know and love from the game, Odin and Rigret. There are three new episodes in total, Guardian Goddess of the Hot Spring Inn, The Absolute God Consort and Mother and Daughter’s Road to Chaos. 

As per usual there are many different reward tiers that feature many digital and physical products. The physical products include items such as: a mouse pad, canvas art, Dakimakuras and more. Folks just wanting to pick up the digital release of these discs will be set back 2000¥ or about $18. It should be noted that is release will not be going to Steam, instead these fandiscs will be launching on the JAST store and DLsite only!

The project is fully funded already as of the writing of this article. You can check out the VenusBlood FRONTIER Fandiscs English Localisation Project Kickstarter page for more details.

More details about each fandisc straight from the Kickstarter:

Guardian Goddess of the Hot Spring Inn


The Floating Continent of Yggdrasil is now at peace, and the Overlord Loki has begun reconstruction efforts on the continent following the end of the war.

As he was travelling the continent checking up on the various countries, he decided to pay a visit to Glads, where the Goddess of Winter, Rigret, welcomed him warmly to her newly built hot spring inn.

He decides to spend a few days there together with her…


The Absolute God Consort


Having conquered the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil, the Overlord Loki began building his new empire. At the same time, the Absolute God Odin who was by his side began construction on the ‘inner palace’, an inner sanctum of sorts within his palace on Valhalla, where only he and his women are allowed access.

The plan was to create a safe space to rear the children of the Overlord, raising them into worthy successors. With such thoughts tucked away in the back of her mind, Odin approached Loki, who had come to inspect the place…


Mother and Daughter’s Road to Chaos


Odin, having regained her true form during the chaotic war on Yggdrasil, declared war on Loki, the man she once called an ally.

With her stated intention being to eradicate all of Demonkind and take her place as Yggdrasil’s sole Overlord, she took to the battlefield. However, she was eventually defeated by Loki and his allies, and was thus captured.

Loki decided to mete out a rather severe punishment to the backstabbing, traitor of a goddess… And he planned to do so with one of her ‘daughters’, the Goddess of Winter, Rigret, who had become his Servant Deity.


For details on the 3 characters (Loki, Rigret & Odin) appearing in the Fandiscs, please visit VBFI’s official site.


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