The spicy cult-classic JRPG Abaddon: Princess of the Decay is out now in the JAST Store. This release from Fakku ran into a bit of trouble with Steam’s ever changing set of rules, but thankfully the fine folks a JAST have hosted it in their fine store. The game will set you back a mere $19.99, and is DRM Free!


Here is more about the game from the JAST Store page:


This tale is set in the haunted Ayakoji Mansion, nestled away deep in a dense, dark forest. Professor Yamanobe, a close friend of the mansion’s owner, arrives at the mansion with a small group of his students to explore and learn the truth behind its many rumors and mysteries. However, they too are engulfed by the innumerable horrors lurking within before long…

It is then that Homura, Professor Yamanobe’s son, arrives with a small group of his friends in search of his father. Will they be able to find his father and escape alive? Or will they suffer an unthinkable, sinister fate…?


Combat and Permadeath
Choose your party, level up, and battle monsters with weapons and tools you find along the way in this classic turn-based RPG. There’s no standard Health or Energy bars here. Instead, you’ll rely on a Fear bar and Hearts to represent your characters’ current mental state. Everyone has their own fears–creepy crawlies, ghosts, zombies, and more–and attacks by monsters will increase Fear. If someone’s Fear goes too high, they may go Berserk, or even faint, causing the loss of a Heart. Lose all Hearts and they will permanently die. If it’s Homura, that’s game over. You may always run away or try to defeat your enemies to calm your Fear, but choose your battles wisely!

Exploration and Survival
Ayakoji Mansion is a dreadful, terrifying place teeming with death and decay. Brute force will only get you so far, as exploration and puzzle solving each play just as vital of a role as combat. Pay close attention to your surroundings, examine everything, and experiment! Though beware, mistakes may be costly. If all else fails, you can always Give Up, and restart from the beginning of the game while retaining your current character levels.

Party and Choices
You play as Homura, the protagonist of this erotic tale, partying up to explore the large estate with a choice of two other characters. The first is considered your main companion; they’ll play a central role in side conversations, available choices, and major events throughout the game. Even you and your party members’ sanity (or untimely death) can have a profound impact on your playthrough.This party is permanent, so choose carefully!

Both of your party members have separate Affection levels; a necessity to forming a romantic relationship with one, the other, or both! The more time spent with them, the greater the chance you may see some intimacy firsthand. And remember: nothing is off limits! You are free to romance any of the men* or women in your party, more than one at a time… or even play matchmaker between your friends.

A single playthrough is far from sufficient to uncover the truth and see all that the mansion has to offer. Upon completing the game once, you’ll begin a New Game+; unlocking new areas, special items, clues, routes, and endings. More light will be shed on the enigmatic mansion, its former residents, and the brave, lost souls who failed to decipher the many secrets this mansion holds.

Over 170 CGs with pixel art and full color variants are available for you to unlock!


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