86 EIGHTY-SIX | Episode 18

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86 EIGHTY-SIX (2nd Cour)

86 EIGHTY-SIX | Episode 18Coming off the events of the episode from two weeks ago, the large-scale operation to take out Morpho has finally commenced. In order to help their mission succeed, Grethe, the head of Nordlicht Squadron, gets permission to utilize a prototype aircraft known as the Nachzehrer to transport Nordlicht to their objective. The fate of the surviving countries all rest in the hands of Nordlicht Squadron. We got to see Frederica arguing with Nouzen and pouring her heart out to him, showing us how much she cares about him. The scene between Frederica and Nouzen was probably the best one of this episode. You can actually see Nouzen reacting to some of the things Frederica says, which you don’t really get to see from him usually. Not much else happened this episode, so I hope to see more in the next one. The music is stellar as usual, and the animation is on point as well. Unfortunately, something that popped up at the end of the episode has me worried. It says the next episode will be another special one, meaning we’ll have to wait a bit for an actual new episode to air. A special episode just aired last week, so the show may be running into production issues. I hope they will be able to settle these issues eventually. – Patrick

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The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Kyouko & MaouThis week started off with something I’ve been waiting for a bit, Kyouko and Druj getting some time together. Jahy introduced her new stalker who followed her to one of her regular meetings with Druj and – as anyone could have expected – things weren’t too good. Druj thinks so highly of Jahy, just seeing anyone – especially a human – seemingly being friendly with her master sets her off. They compete to gather mana crystals and while this is beneficial to Jahy, their leave ends up making things tough for her. From there, Saurva attempts another scheme only for her traps to only effect Kyouko. Next we see how the magical girl has to deal with the Dark Lord’s life style of eating everything and making a mess, though we do see that she does seem to care for Kyouko. Something that we see more so towards the end as she appears to be more aware of what’s going on than the others. The threat that Jahy and the others don’t see is something I hope gets revealed soon. – Walter

– You can watch The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! on Crunchyroll.


Mieruko-chan Miko, Hana, & YuliaAfter taking a picture that records a gruesome moment that Miko only can see in the last episode, Hana decides she wants to get into photography. Miko attempts to dissuade her, but Yulia shows up to encourage her and hopes to see more of Miko’s abilities. Yulia ends up becoming a bigger character in this episode and her misunderstandings about Miko end up growing too. She tells Miko and Hana of a very good spot to take pictures. It just so happens they need to pass through an old tunnel that’s known to be haunted. We once again see how Yulia can see ghosts to a certain extent, while Miko can see everything, including some dangerous spirits Yulia can’t. From there, Miko attempts to get Hana to avoid the spirits while Yulia pushes her to admit to her powers and acknowledge her. When things get dire, Miko is saved by some familiar figures, which shows the events from the last episode will probably be relevant later on. If you watch the ending theme you probably got the idea Yulia would end up befriending the two and it does go that way. It is nice as it showed how she was kind of always alone. However, Yulia still thinks the wrong things about Miko, like she’s still threatening her. One interesting thing is that she is able to notice Miko’s not the only one with an ability and if she’ll try and push that later on. – Walter

– You can watch Mieruko-chan on Funimation.

Old Shows:

Chūbyō Gekihatsu Boy (Outburst Dreamer Boys)

Outburst Dreamer Boys MizukiThis show has been out for a while and I actually watched an episode of it when I was overseas when it was first airing. Unfortunately, my grasp of Japanese without subtitles is a bit limited and I didn’t get as much out of it as I should have. That being said, I got enough from it to have found it interesting. I ended up finding it on accident recently when looking through HiDIVE catalog and honestly I never heard anyone really talk about this series.

The show follows a new eye-patched transfer student named Mizuki, whose introduction is interrupted by an eccentric student. She is given the recommendation to visit the “Hero Club” to solve an issue only to find the same student, along with three others there. The club is made up the energetic Yamato, who’s a fan of heroes/tokusatsu; Takashima, a fan of idols and a lover of 2-D girls; Nakamura, an overly-dramatic Chūnibyō; and the stand-offish Rei, who ends up having his own unique quirks. I enjoyed the couple of episodes I watched and did find a lot of it comical. Each character’s quirks and personalities are interesting, with Mizuki playing the role of the one who just wants to have a normal life. The Hero Club sets out to help people out in town and we see that for the most part, the town accepted how they act. The only major negative I found so far was a character who appears is kind of the weak one out of the group to me. But, overall I do want to finish the series. – Walter

You can watch Outburst Dreamer Boys on HiDIVE.

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