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The comfy holiday season is upon us and with it brings a sweet story in AIKAGI. Fans of pure romantic ventures will be glad to see that Frontwing officially released the game. A few of you may seem like this is familiar name to you. To clarify, that’s because you probably watched the H-animation by Pink Pineapple. Well now the source material is readily available for reading in English. Experience a soft romantic story unlike any you’ve seen before. A story about finding true lovey-dovey love with your beautiful childhood friend. The game is now available on Steam. However, if you have worries about cut content, say no more. There’s a free patch available via the publisher’s website. The game itself will cost $19.99 so check it out and support both AZRASHI Software and Frontwing. It’s a beautiful time to be a fan of visual novels.

So what is AIKAGI about?

During the last winter of his student days, Sunohara Nozomu finds himself at his wits’ end. His parents told him to move out on his own to learn how to become more independent, but he’s having trouble finding a place that feels like home, not to mention he’s never even cooked for himself!

That’s when his childhood friend, Takanashi Shiori, gives the conflicted Nozomu a shocking request.

“Um… W-Won’t you come and live with me!?”

At first Nozomu isn’t sure if living with someone will really help him become “independent,” but Shiori convinces his parents to let him live with her, and before he can give it much thought, everything has been arranged. They agree to live together for one month so that Nozomu can learn the ropes of living alone.

Experience the excitement of a new life together with your childhood friend!


There’s no trailer readily available so here’s a picture of the main girl. Just look at her! She’s perfect!!


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