The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Kyouko and Kokoro

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The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Kyouko and KokoroComing off the good news of befriended Kyouko and finding the Dark Lord, Jahy is excited to see Kokoro and to be praised by her friend. Unfortunately, her new friend Kyouko continues to be clingy and follows her to her playground meeting with the little girl. When the two are introduced, Jahy becomes jealous and tries to separate them and have Kokoro get away from Kyouko. Just like with Jahy though, Kyouko quickly befriends Kokoro, which excites the lonely magical girl who has now doubled her number of friends. Getting tired of dealing Kyouko, Jahy is actually happy to go to work, only for a coincidence to happen and the two are together at the pub. We get to see Jahy mentor the girl as she’s having a hard time on her first day for a bit. From there the two get to sample some cooking from the Manager and Jahy finally gets to enjoy some food. The episode ends with the Manager and Landlord being introduced to the Dark Lord, only for the wounds of her not being with Jahy to sting again. – Walter

– You can watch The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! on Crunchyroll.


Mieruko-chan Hana's BreakfastThis week’s Mieruko-chan was pretty interesting, as it followed Miko’s friend Hana for quite a bit of it, along with an even more unsettling than usual evil spirit haunting her. It was hinted at previously that Hana is special even though she can’t see spirits. We see the spirit haunting her cooking small spirits off of her aura as they are burned by it. Hana is one of those energetic characters who’s always hungry, but we get to see how nice she is, such as when she helps look for a lost dog. Trying to help get rid of a spirit, Miko suggests a shrine she looked up. This part was interesting as other spirits appear to fight the evil spirit and there’s a bit of action with the evil spirit turning out to be no match for the shrine’s deity/spirit. The spirits seen at the shrine are not as disturbing as the evil spirits, but they are very much inhuman. The giant one that finishes the evil spirit even leaves a cryptic message to Miko. I hope more this is explored later on. – Walter

– You can watch Mieruko-chan on Funimation.

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