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Welcome to November, the visual novel news trickles in with Usagi Health Club! This is a brand new Kickstarter courtesy of Push Publications. To clarify, you may recognize them for their previous campaigns that are coming along nicely including Swimmer Admiration. This time around, they’re on the fundraising platform once more asking for your financial support. Now it’ll be for their most ambitious project to date. A romance visual novel with a twist. Are you down for some minigames? It’s time to win yourself the hearts of very seductive bunny girls! If you’re up to the challenge you can check out the Kickstarter page right over here. Furthermore, a contribution of $25 will get you a copy of the game. However, if you need some more convincing, a demo is readily available. So don’t let me be the deciding factor, you can try it yourself.

So what is Usagi Health Club even about?

Tanaka Ryuu is your typical salaryman who worked as an accountant in a company. He lives a boring life full of work every day until one day he went drinking with his colleagues at Shinjuku after work. As he heads home, a nice girl in a bunny outfit introduced to him “Usagi Health Club” a health club for people like him. Reluctantly, he decided to give it a try.

That sounds good and all. However, what makes this so good?

20+ CGs
Interactive and Engaging gameplay!
Different route with special endings!
Various mini games!
Over 6 hours of gameplay!
Unique Soundtracks!
Playable on PC via Steam and Mac/Linux

There’s nothing quite like a story that lets us get away from the struggles of reality with some games. Furthermore, it’s even better when you realize it’s all bunny girls.

Diego Hernandez
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