Cupid Parasite | Official Screenshot

Cupid Parasite | Limited Edition

Idea Factory has once again updated their Cupid Parasite website. This time around they’ve put up new bios for both Raul Aconite and Ryuki F. Keisaiin. Feel free to read their official bios down below. But if you’d like to see some screenshots of them or any of the other info recently added, visit the otome’s official website and check it out.

However, another site update isn’t the only thing in this press release from Idea Factory. They’ve also announced a limited edition version of the game (pictured above) that will be available for purchase. They state that this limited edition copy of the game is now available for pre-order on Idea Factory’s online store with free US shipping. If you’re Canadian, it’s also available at Video Games Plus with free shipping for Canada. And last but not least, Europeans can find their limited edition on the European store website. Cupid Parasite is scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch this upcoming November 2nd for North America, and in Europe it will be out on November 5th.

Case 03: Raul Aconite – The Obsessed Parasite

A world-famous movie star whose boyish good looks and stunning action scenes have led to multiple box office hits.

He recently signed on to star in his first-ever romance film, and joined Cupid Corp at the behest of his agent to finally understand what it means to be in love.

Thanks to a near-death experience in which he was convinced the gods had saved his life, he gained an obsession with studying Greek mythology—never failing to bring up the topic in every conversation.

Due to his obsession, he has trouble finding people with whom he can relate, and has now found himself as part of the Parasite 5.

Case 04: Ryuki F. Keisaiin- The Glamor

A successful fashion designer and member of the Keisaiin fashion family dynasty. His family is responsible for the “KeiSai:In” fashion line, and he launched his own specialty “rYUKI” line of clothing.

His older sister, who successfully found love thanks to Cupid Corp, signed him up without telling him. His desire for marriage is extremely low, while his standard of physical beauty is impossibly high. He seems incapable of recognizing anyone with a lower facial rank, and has had trouble communicating with his various advisors in the past, leading to his inclusion in the Parasite 5.

He also has synesthesia, which means he sometimes associates people with specific colors, and he often replies to them with what is apparently their color-related hexadecimal code. In addition, he always carries a bottle of moisturizing mist with him to protect him from dry skin.

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