MangaGamer Spotlight Sale | Featured

Happy Fall greetings, the sales are upon us once more with the MangaGamer Spotlight Sale. You know it’s going to be an exciting time to be a visual novel fan when MangaGamer has a sale. To clarify, from September 23rd to October 4th there’ll be a plethora of mouth-watering literature goodness. Some of the fan-favorite erotica like Funbag Fantasy and Imouto Paradise are there. As well as some hard-hitting narratives like Bokuten and the timeless A Kiss for the Petals. Furthermore, the sale extends to even the physical editions to a lot of these titles. It’s the perfect time to expand your collection and maybe your taste as well. So you’ve got 10 days to make it all count. Treat yourself, and you’ll be thanking yourself later.

What do I recommend from the MangaGamer Spotlight Sale? How about some good old fashioned girls’ love in Wanting Wings!

Serious, hard-working Hina, lonely and awkward Rin, and the kind and sweet Fumi have been roommates ever since they started school at Seiyou Girls’ Academy, an all-girls boarding school. Yet these three girls share a special connection beyond that – they all believe they saw an angel when they were younger, and they’ve each come to believe that one of the other girls might be an angel as well. Where will these beliefs lead them? Depending on your choices, right into each other’s arms! Every pairing between these three girls is possible and it’s up to you to determine who winds up falling for who!


Diego Hernandez
Diego is an incredibly passionate visual novel enthusiast from an island within the Caribbean. He intends on working alongside Operation Rainfall to inform the masses about the vast library of breathtaking visual literature. As well as spreading awareness of the amazingly talented individuals hard at work on said breathtaking projects.