Death end re;Quest 2 | Switch Announcement

During IFI’s Online Summer Festival, Idea Factory International announced that Death end re;Quest 2 would be heading to North America and Europe for Nintendo Switch in 2022. The Switch version will include all of the DLC from the PlayStation 4 version for free. The first game in the series, Death end re;Quest, recently released for Nintendo Switch in the west on April 27, 2021.

You can check out the announcement trailer below.

Idea Factory International provides a synopsis of the game and it is as follows:

Following her father’s death, Mai Toyama is admitted to Wordsworth, an all-girl’s dormitory in the quiet town of Le Choara.

It is there that she traces the last whereabouts of her little sister, Sanae, only to discover she is nowhere to be found.

On the verge of desperation, she places her USB stick into Arata Mizunashi’s laptop to begin uncovering Le Choara’s terrible, but wondrous mysteries.

She begins a new cycle of despair…

Arata Mizunashi has disappeared. The tragic murders of twenty girls are about to commence.

El Strain, a religion woven into Le Choara’s way of life. Barbas is always watching…

Death end re;Quest 2 launches in the west for Nintendo Switch in 2022. It originally launched in North America for PlayStation 4 and PC on August 25 and August 18, 2020 respectively. You can reach its official website HERE.

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